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Danny's Week


I let the blowjob-givers rip my dick and balls open because I don't like to tell other people what to do. I'm the kind of guy who normally tries to withstand pain without complaining about it to other people, unless the pain becomes too great, like if I had giant hemorrhoids on my ass or something, because I know the pain will gradually go away over time. I don't want to get a AIDS test because I don't know of any place that offers TOTALLY anonymous AIDS tests yet, all of the places I've checked at require some sort of paperwork and if you test positive for AIDS you'll get a permanent record and that record will be distributed to all future employers. In short, if anybody knew I had AIDS, my life would be ruined for the most part because society would shun me and I couldn't get a job at all, except in AIDS-tolerant areas like parts of San Francisco, that is, the Castro District. An AIDS test might keep some people from giving AIDS to other people, but in my case all of my sex partners to date are REAL promiscuous and sexually-active people who probably already have AIDS. I'm not kidding either, the only people who I might give AIDS to in the future is my wife, assuming I get a wife and she isn't HIV-positive to start with. As for my dick being ripped up and bleeding from done-by-myself vs. done-by-others activities like jacking off, it got that way because I was too rough with myself. For instance, when I jack off I squeeze my dick too hard and move with a overly-fast jacking-off motion. When I had a Swedish Erotica Skintight fake vagina, it had all these pointy things inside the tunnel that supposedly titillate your dick but can actually totally fuck up your dick, especially if you squash those pointy things against your dick too hard while jacking off too fast. I totally fucked up my dick HELLA many times by squeezing the fake vagina over my dick too hard and jacking off too fast. Add the fact that I used liquid soap as a lube and liquid soap tends to dry out sorta fast and thus there was more friction between the fake vagina's inner walls and my dick, and you'll know why my dick got so fucked up. I squeeze my dick so hard and jack off so fast because I can't get turned on enough to ejaculate unless I do so, sure I could be more gentle with myself but then I wouldn't get the satisfaction of shooting a load out my dickhole. Also, when I fuck blowup dolls (I've never fucked real women partially because of the possibility of getting sexual diseases, and partially cuz real women prefer real handsome sexjocks like Biffnix and Big Beare and Flesh), I have to move my dick in and out of the blowup doll's holes, be it mouth, vagina, or anus, at super-fast jackhammer speed or I can't ejaculate. In fact, I never knew what it meant to ejaculate until I bought a blowup doll last year and gave it a good workout, the thing sprang a leak three days after I bought it and I ended up giving it to a homeless bum in Civic Center. When I later bought a high-end blowup doll that specifically could hold up to 280 lbs. the thing sprang a leak within days after I bought it and I was HELLA gentle with it too. I think the leak came from air pressure within the doll trying to come out.


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