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I'd rather shake it with a shoggoth.
-- Kat


by Mr. Bad

1999-07-28 21:07:04

The BudWHEIZZAH Weed Station is the coolio Internet radio station for the stoner set! Live Bonghits, ALL DAY LONG! This is what multicast is ALL ABOUT.

d00d, this has got to be the crazy-ass master Internet radio show. It's this GUY, and he takes BONG HITS and TALKS and I don't think he even plays no music ever. It's just SUPER SMOKE BOY and his wide open BRAIN.

The super-crazy part is that the man lives in Canadia -- Montreal, to be precise -- and must smoke either some crazy Northern Territories tundra weed or lame East Coast crappy brown Mexican weed (good reason to leave New York, folks, if you were looking for one) or else some beautiful BC dope, second only to CA's finest in quality and flavor. Dope-smokin' radio guy! Ha!

I highly recommend this amazing channel if you haven't heard enough stoner guys talk for a real long time. It's fun, really, I'm serious.

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