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Oh Hey... LOOK, We Have Comments

by JRoyale

2011-03-18 21:12:01

Wow... we have comments... I mean the PDJ now allows you, our shithead readers to leave us comments.

I know this isn't a big deal to the rest of the web since like 2001, but the thing you have to understand is that the PDJ finished it's core development phase in 1998 and back then comments were new fangled things we didn't see the need for. We've always been old skool (or so far ahead of the pack it looks like old skool because you can't figure out what in the hell we are doing), so we kinda of missed that market jump. Sorry.

And see, it's not really our fault as things worked so well we just stopped developing the PDJ cause is worked and ... and also we got drunk (that happens a lot around here). Then... at some point, we stopped writing for the PDJ, which kinda sunk our all important unique visitors per month stat... which started a vicious feedback loop as why write when people aren't reading... but people won't visit a site without new content... so it's really a good thing we didn't give a crap. Oh wait, that was actually part of the problem.

Still, all things considered, we (well, mostly Mr Bad) wrote some damn good code. So hey, we're back online and kinda still of giving a shit... well, I am... and so is the Baron.... well sort of. As for the rest of the PDJ fuckers ... they are still passed out back in the PDJ writers lounge and nuclear bunker. Losers.

But you know, we dusted off our code and guess what... it's still is good... fucking good. Now I know most of you bloggers out there are all like... "YOU CODED YOUR OWN SITE??? UNPOSSIBLE!!!"

Thing is kids, back in 1998, there just weren't hundred thousand sites you just create your own blog barf bucket to spew your opinions all over the the web. Sites like EDumb and Facecrap didn't exist... so guess what, we wrote our own!!! Weird, huh? And that makes us better then you, cause we just went and created our own web site from scratch.

And so look at this, it still works. And honestly, after 12 years, I only remember one software bug that took us offline , the dreaded Billennium Bug. Yikes. That's like better then everyone. So admittedly, we've had hardware problems and but truth be told 99.99999999% of our offline time can be chalked up to hardware issues and general lack of "giving a shit".

But the Code. Fuck, it still works. And I remind you, this is 1998 vintage code... which in like 1,993,843 years old in internet years.

Which is fucking awesome.

However my point here is we just added comments. Yes it's a little late... but don't we fucking rock???? I mean for people from 1998?

So tell us what you think... ummm... finally.

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