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Free Speech Shushed Once Again

by Negative Nancy

2000-02-09 15:07:43

A substitute teacher in Boston is reportedly being "shunned" (uh-- new word for "fired"?) for saying that he thought Hitler is "cool." Now I'm no fan of the big-bad-H or anything, but you gotta checkout some of the comments made by those in change of grooming the next generation.

In no particular order:

  • "We don't want anything that would be controversial with students." --Jane Wilson, principal of J. Henry Higgins Middle School.
  • "You just can't make those kinds of comments" --Superintendent Louis Perullo.
  • Perullo said he was pleased that the students complained.
  • "Hitler was an evil person and the kids know that. They did the right thing by going to their housemaster, and we tried to react as forcefully as we could."

Man, try taking away "Hitler" and replace with "Democracy," "minorities," or "Freedom of Speech."

I swear (Fuck!), these days thoughts and words are being punished more than actions.

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