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The TRUTH about September 11 EXPOSED!

by Crackmonkey

2003-01-31 15:32:17

For nearly a year and a half, people around the world have taken it on faith that the Sept 11 attacks on the United States were perpetrated by Saudi terrorists under the direction of one Osama bin Laden. Only now does the power of the Internet allow the necessary research to be completed, proving once and for all that Sept 11 was perpetrated by the only nation more evil than the Dutch: Canadia!

Using an intricate inductive approach, beginning with the obvious first suspect, Sweden, the researchers at The Mad Revisionist peel back the layers of lies and misinformation to reveal the sinister Canadian plot to topple the icons of American largesse (that's Canadian for "hubris"). The critical triumvirate of means, motive, and opportunity are provided in plain black-and-white.

While Pigdog Journal holds no official stance on Canadian involvement in the September 11th attacks, a quick poll of the downtown office garnered 5 out of 12 supporting the plausibility of the Canadia explanation, with 3 abstaining on account of a batch of cheap peyote.

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