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VoteSwap2000 Ordered Off the Net by Cal. State Sec
2000-10-31 14:35:53

Bad People
When your opponent's sittin' there holdin' all the aces, there's only one thing to do. Kick over the table.
-- Dean Martin


Bill Jones, the California State Secretary ordered Los Angles based VoteSwap2000 to shut down or face massive legal action. Not having a huge corporate legal department and fearful of the wrath of the State, the owners of VoteSwap2000 have complied with the order.

VoteSwap2000 allowed Nader votes in swing states to swap their votes with Gore voters in safe states. This according to Bill Jones, violates the California State Election code.

Quite frankly, this reporter is appalled that the electorate is not allowed to do what is done every single day in Sacramento. Horse trading for votes goes on continually at the state capital, but that's ok because our elective official are the elite. These officials "sell" their votes on legislators worth billions of dollars. And don't forgot all the corporate "lobbying" that goes on, where millions of dollars are given for "access" to legislators. Like that isn't BUYING votes.

However, if an ordinary citizen attempts to trade their vote, with no monetary gain what so ever, they face jail time. The hypocrisy of this situation is staggering, but seemingly becoming the norm in this age of multinational control of all things public and private.

Ignoring the galling infringement on the 1st Amendment this law has, it seems to me that ALL of our elective officials have been in violation of this statue numerous times and I call on the Secretary of State round them ALL up and throw them ALL in JAIL.

Fortunately, VoteSwap2000 is not the only place to trade your Nader vote for a Gore vote... should you want to.

I'm still voting for Nader cause Gore owned by the multinationals just as much as Bush is. But for those of you that see Gore as a slightly better alternative then Bush, you can still trade your votes at votexchange2000 and winwincampaign

Fuck the Man! Vote Your Way, Not His.

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