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Tibetan Karmapa Defects!
2000-01-07 18:46:57

Bad People
You're so pretty, they should put your head in a box.
-- Johnnie Royale


So, this kid is 14 years old and he's like trekking across mountain wasteland, all wounded and fucked up, sneaking past Chinese troops. Maybe he almost fell into a deadly trap with a femme fatale with a heart of poison. I don't know. The point is, he's way cooler and more revolutionary than the Beastie Boys.

So the Karmapa, the spiritual leader of Tibet, decided to defect after the chinese government stopped letting Tibetan teacher types come teach him.

So he told the guards he was going to go on a religious retreat, snuck past them through thorny bushes, got to a jeep, eluded the millions of guards coming after him, and got to safe ground in India.

Fuck yeah!

He's like the protagonist in a video game. Jump over the Chinese guard, duck into the thorny bush to escape, but you'll lose life points from doing so.

The boy is named Ugyen Trinly Dorje.

And the Chinese communist government got Catholic allies to name a bunch of bishops not approved by the pope.

WHAT THE FUCK? Communist China, you're supposed to be ATHEIST.

LAY THE FUCK OFF, for The Revolutionary Peoples' sake!

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