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Fuq, okay, so I'm writing this little report while pretty goddamn drunk off of all teh shit that we drank tonight.
-- Crackmonkey

Weird Linux

Crazy people doing crazy things with Linux.

Pigdog Journal Articles


What's Your Debian Package Name?
It's a "What's your name?" page for the techno-techno set! Find out what your Debian package name is, and you can put it on your home page or blog or journal and shit. And everyone will love you! -- Mr. Bad


Wearable Linux
Laptop too big? Can't get Linux to run on your Palm Pilot? How would you like a fully working Linux system you can wear on your belt? -- Baron Earl


NetReality 3D Web Browsing
NetReality - A linux OpenGL Web Utility. -- Pao Tzu


40,000 Linux boxes on one machine
IBM is hella down with non-sucky computers. -- Pao Tzu


World-Famous Linux Nest to Close (Sadly)
For the past three-odd years, WAN/LAN consultant Richard Couture has operated the CoffeeNet, a 100% Linux-based Internet cafe, at 744 Harrison near Third Street, San Francisco. Today is its last day of operation at the current location. (If you want to visit, do so before today's 2 PM closing time.) -- 'Tricky' Rick Moen


To All My Friends!
Hey, so you know those dorky-ass instant messenger programs like AIM and ICQ and stuff? And how dumb they are? You know? Well, OK, they're only kinda dumb. OK, I use them a lot. THERE, I SAID IT. -- Mr. Bad


Tom's Rootboot is Cool
Hey, so, what kind of fun is Linux anymore? Like, it's got GNOME, it's got KDE, it's got flaks and marketing d00ds and evangelists and all that shit. Seems like it's time to move on, right? Well, maybe not. Like Feynman said, there's always room at the bottom. -- Mr. Bad


Unholy Abomination Uses Sexual Stratagems To Compete With Humans
GAAAAAH! I _TOLD_ YOU! I told EVERYONE that this Beowulf clusterfuck computing had gone TOO FAR! But nobody listened, and now these gooshy, group-grope computers have developed s00per-hUman intelligence with their sexy, disgusting genetic programming ways! You should have listened to me! -- Mr. Bad


Trinux - Bad Hacker Linux! BAD!
Wow! I've talked before about bad Linux distributions, but Trinux might take the CAKE. It's the VERY BAD LINUX for VERY BAD HACKER PEOPLE. Beaujolais to that! -- Mr. Bad


*BSD: Weirder than Linux?
I'm starting to waver. Are the BSDs -- FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD -- potentially filled with MORE BAD CRAZINESS than even Linux? Could such an OS possible EXIST? If it could, you'd find out on Daemon News. -- Mr. Bad


Crazy-Ass German Linux Distribution... with GUITAR
Hey! I always say that S.u.S.E. is the default weird Linux distribution, because it's got GERMAN CRAZINESS built into every CD. But now I'm not sure: MANDRAKE may be the new way to go! -- Mr. Bad


More Sick Clustering Bastards
MOSIX is the hot new thing for cluster-building perverts. It's, like, a way to make a cluster that's even more biological and incestuous and juicy and disgusting than the old ways. There's lots of gross stuff that MOSIX does. Beaujolais! -- Mr. Bad


Beowulf Underground Subverts Decent Way of Life
The Beowulf Underground is an evil subversive group bent on destroying everything we hold dear and sacred as computerists. Instead of nice, compartmentalized machines that send terse and appropriate messages over thin wires, they want to have big MONGOLIAN CLUSTERFUCK computers with Aqualube and Free Love and Open Source and gooey money shots of data splurting EVERYWHERE. To them I say, Beaujolais! -- Mr. Bad


Linux RIOT!!!!
OK, it's been completely documented that all Linux users are BAD PEOPLE. But now there's (highly unreliable) reports that Linux users are RIOTING IN THE STREETS. Goddamn, who do they think they are, BUDDHIST MONKS or something? -- Fuckhead


Linux, You Can Drive My Car
So, I give German Linux advocates a lot of flak, since they are almost by definition the weirdest users of Linux ever. They do all the freaky Linux dances! But I gotta say that this research group at the University of Parma in Italy has them beat by a long shot. I mean, there's a world of difference between using Linux to play MP3s on your car stereo and USING LINUX TO DRIVE THE CAR. -- Mr. Bad


LinuxWorld Turns to Experienced Pigdog Journalist to Ensure TOTAL COVERAGE
Let's say you're the editor of LinuxWorld and you want to make sure that you get the HIGHEST QUALITY coverage of your fancy Weird Linux event LinuxWorld Sexpo. Who are you going to call to make sure you get TOTAL COVERAGE?! The answer is clear, my friend: a man with the proven track record at a prestigious online journalism outlet, of course. That's why the editors chose NICK-O MOFFITT to give the detailed journalism to their coverage. Damn straight! -- Mr. Bad


Pigdog Journal SCOOPS the Big Boys
Well, I'm not usually one to toot our own horn, but I have to crow about this: our coverage of the LinuxBierWanderung beats all the FAT, LAZY BIG DINOSAURS by a mile! Can you say, "scoop"? How about, "Ooh, that HURTS?" -- Mr. Bad


Linux + Beer = Bad Craziness
Electric Lichen is planning the Linuxbierwanderung, a WEEK-LONG Linux-and-Beer hiking extravaganza in the hills of Bavaria. The plan: walk and hack Linux all day, drink big beer in the beer halls all night! -- Mr. Bad


German Linux Users Plan dada Beowulf Insane-a-thon
Man, I love German Linux users! They are sweaty, lolling-tongued madmen! Here in America, Linux advocates are busy doing boring crap like trying to get The Man to accept Linux. Meanwhile, the Germans are doing shit-crazy things like building the world's largest computer cluster on national TV! -- Mr. Bad


KMFMS Is Crazy
So, KMFMS stands for, uh, Kein Mitleid Fuhr MicroSoft, whatever the hell that means. They got the artist who does those cool brutal album covers for KMFDM to do a design for Linux. It's horrible and bizarre. And you can wear it as a T-Shirt! -- Flesh

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