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The more I think about religion and people and everything that we have and have done, the more I'm convinced we're just monkeys with sticks.
-- Ragboy


Software Jihad

Hey, you think we're playing a GAME here!? You think this whole Free Software thing is a LARK!? A wee bit of computing fun? Well THINK AGAIN! This is an all-out HOLY WAR between the forces of GOOD and the forces of EVIL! And when you figure out which side is which, well, tell us. But until then, UP THE JIHAD! UP FREE SOFTWARE!

Pigdog Journal Articles

2015-10-06 Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0
2004-02-13 Major Operating Source Code Leaked
2003-08-17 Microsoft: Who do you want to 0wn today?
2002-05-13 d00d, Quit being a FUCKING ASS
2002-05-08 Beaujolais Mozillur Dot Part-ay Number Something dot Oh!
2001-11-04 Fight board-game hegemony!
2001-07-07 Cracking the Wireless Camera Ads?
2001-04-10 Freedom Needs a Champion
2001-04-09 Andrew Leonard is a Nutless Boob
2001-03-25 Goddammit! Where's the Info On Mozillur Party 4.0?
2001-03-06 Scoundrel: A New Concept For Searching P2P
2001-03-03 Quick Napster Fix - Sharesniff
2001-02-26 Redhat's Retort to M$: "P~~~~~~~~~~~~"
2001-02-17 Open Source Destroying America
2001-02-13 Meathead MPAA Thugs Accidentally Attack Austin Powers
2001-01-06 Help Wanted: Hero
2000-12-22 Better Go Buy Yourself Some Super-Big Hard Drives
2000-11-06 Software Patents, The UK, and You
2000-10-03 Cookin' Up a Filipino Box Spring Ogg
2000-07-17 GNUisance
2000-06-08 Bill Gates explains
2000-05-17 DMCA Protest At Stanford
2000-04-26 Get One of Ours Onto the Patent Committee
2000-03-25 Last One on the Bandwagon Turn Out the Lights
2000-03-06 Mozilla Dot Party Three Point Fucking Oh!
2000-02-16 Pigdog Journal DeCSS Distribution Center
2000-02-02 Smash the MPAA through DIRECT ACTION!!
1999-10-21 Brave GNU World
1999-10-19 The Cautionary Tale of Plan 9
1999-10-05 Burn All Gifs Day ANNOUNCED!
1999-09-20 While We're At It, Burn All MP3s, Too
1999-09-06 How Did We Miss This?
1999-05-17 I'm Open to Anything
1999-04-08 Bad Toilet Browser
1999-03-23 It's My Party, I'll Code If I Want To
1998-12-17 Soviets Backed Open Source Software in the '80s?
1998-11-25 Mozilla Will Stagger On
1998-11-24 What Will Sun Do?

Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is (usually) found and not created by Pigdog Journal staff. Read at your own risk.

2003-06-02 SCO, Linux, and the Dukes of Hazzard
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-23 Call For Papers for CodeCon 2003
-- Eugene Leitl
2002-06-10 Mozilla dot Party dot Montreal dot qc dot ca
Beaujolais for Mozilla dot Party dot Montreal dot qc dot ca! I can have fun Mozilla time with all my friends! -- Mr. Bad
2002-05-17 One for the Apple Knowledge Base
Did Celine Dion hax0r your Mac? Here's how to defeat Sony's super-duper new copy protection, using sophisticated cracker tools like a marker pen and a piece of sticky tape. -- Siduri
2001-05-27 Gallery of CSS Descramblers
-- Baron Earl
2000-05-19 Today Your Desktop, Tomorrow the World!
-- The Compulsive Splicer
2000-05-14 Weird but wonderful waste of time.
-- Baron Earl
2000-05-05 More gnutella is good gnutella
More gnutella is good gnutella. gnutella has a new home. go get gnutella now. -- JRoyale
2000-04-12 Hack On!
Excellent story about online activism and/or hacktivism. Beaujolais! -- Mr. Bad
1999-07-13 NT vs. Linux: The Newbie Horror Story
NT vs. Linux: The Newbie Horror Story (Best quote: 'My main conclusion is that BackOffice Small Business Server has the same motto as Stalin: deviation is treason.') -- Ragboy



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