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If only Jake Busey knew how much we appreciated his art, I'm sure he'd drop everything and join us.
-- Johnnie Royale

Software Jihad

Hey, you think we're playing a GAME here!? You think this whole Free Software thing is a LARK!? A wee bit of computing fun? Well THINK AGAIN! This is an all-out HOLY WAR between the forces of GOOD and the forces of EVIL! And when you figure out which side is which, well, tell us. But until then, UP THE JIHAD! UP FREE SOFTWARE!

Pigdog Journal Articles


Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0
The first thing he did was thank Craigslist "for sponsoring me these last few years". On October 5th, 2015 Larry Wall addressed a crowd of geeks at San Francisco's Exploratorium, saying he couldn't properly express his gratitude to Craigslist. Then he acknowledged how long the development arc had been for Perl 6. "As the old joke goes, Perl 6 is coming out this Christmas." Only this time, he meant it. -- El Destino


Major Operating Source Code Leaked
Operating system source code responsible for running millions of computers on the Internet is now exposed to widespread scrutiny, thanks to the notorious hacker web site, -- Dkr. Armand Geddyn


Microsoft: Who do you want to 0wn today?
Microsoft Knowledge Base article 826369 describes a free tool from Redmond that enables criminals, terrorists, and hackers to quickly identify 0wnable computers around the world. -- Dkr. Armand Geddyn


d00d, Quit being a FUCKING ASS
MY GOD MAN!!! Do you realize what you're doing? DO you? What kind of HONEY BITCH TOOL have you become? Have you no shame? None at all? -- Mr. Bad


Beaujolais Mozillur Dot Part-ay Number Something dot Oh!
So, it's finally happening again! The super-best fantastic Free Software party of history, long SUPPRESSED by its AOL-Time/Warner OVERLORDS, is now back and better than ever! In the DNA Lounge! In San Francisco! Beaujo to your cujo! I don't even know what that means, but I just made it up because I'm all excited and hyperventilating! -- Mr. Bad


Fight board-game hegemony!
52 cards and a copy of Hoyle can keep a handful of sex-starved shipmates docile for days on end before they degenerate to strip poker. With that in mind, the intellectual freedom posse give you the "piecepack" in the hopes that it will do for board games what the standard 52-card deck does for card games. -- Crackmonkey


Cracking the Wireless Camera Ads?
Hey so I was searching for a new wireless camera to put in the office lavatory when I discovered this FANTASTIC deal, sitting right underneath my web browser. How did it get there? MAGIC, I figured at first. -- Donkey Hotey


Freedom Needs a Champion
Well, they've opened up the nominations again, folks. And once again FREEDOM needs your help. Just a second of your time, a brief email, and the shackles holding down the INNURNET can be BROKEN. Do your job for liberty! -- Mr. Bad


Andrew Leonard is a Nutless Boob
Man, what a creep that Andrew Leonard over to the Salon Magazine is. Wickety-wack half-hearted TOOL of the MAN! Listen to my long vent on street demonstrations for Information Freedom. -- Mr. Bad


Goddammit! Where's the Info On Mozillur Party 4.0?
What the hell is going on over there at Mozillur Central? How come there's been no announcement for the next Mozillur Dot Party? How come why why why? -- Mr. Bad


Scoundrel: A New Concept For Searching P2P
One problem still haunts the peer-to-peer (P2P) world: how the hell do you find anything? Traditional search engines are impractical because by the time a P2P network has been spidered, the makeup of the network and the content will probably have changed. Real-time keyword searches are too slow. Yahoo-style index pages don't cut it. We need some crazy new ideas. Enter Scoundrel... -- El Snatcher


Quick Napster Fix - Sharesniff
Another Windows program to autohack your neighbor's My Music directory with. -- Pao Tzu


Redhat's Retort to M$: "P~~~~~~~~~~~~"
In a somewhat childish response to Microsoft's claim last week that Open Source Software is "Un-American", that matched Microsoft latest round of immature attacks and speaks to Microsoft in a language that they understand - that of a 3rd grade schoolyard bully. -- JRoyale


Open Source Destroying America
... according to Microsoft's Jim Allchin, one of those "suits" that Microsoft employs to convince people that overpaying for software is now the "American Way". -- JRoyale


Meathead MPAA Thugs Accidentally Attack Austin Powers
Haha! Man, the MPAA must hire the dumbest thugs in the world -- off the back of the reject truck at the thug meat factory or something. How could they be such dumbclucks, man? Har! -- Mr. Bad


Help Wanted: Hero
Here's your chance to be Freedom's Fifth Column in the fight for information liberation! Agent C528 gives you the lowdown on how to be a human dagger in the heart of oppression. -- Agent C528


Better Go Buy Yourself Some Super-Big Hard Drives
Y'know, some days it just hurts to be a freedom fighter, man. You wake up thinking that you're just about to turn the corner on FREEDOM, and then some asswipe industry cartel puts a WWF leg-lock on your neck. Fuck, it's depressing. -- Mr. Bad


Software Patents, The UK, and You
OK, so, software patents, right? They suck ass. We have them in the US, but actually a lot of countries around the world think they're a bogus idea and don't honor them. Which, like, GOOD for THEM. -- Mr. Bad


Cookin' Up a Filipino Box Spring Ogg
Passed samizdat from hacker to hacker for the past eight years, the Lambda Expressway is a surreal tale in the spirit of The Phantom Tollbooth. Originally a series of cassette tape letters recorded on a basement 4-track mixer, it has spawned a MUD, a written edition, and at least one sequel. Now, thanks to the freedom-loving peoples of Ogg, you can hear it on your own computer. -- Crackmonkey


At long last! The breathlessly-awaited Pigdog Interview with RICHARD STALLMAN! Beaujolais! -- El Snatcher, Mr. Bad


Bill Gates explains
The internet celebrates the DOJ's decision against Microsoft -- by re-reading Bill Gates' 1998 testimony! -- El Destino


DMCA Protest At Stanford
Get up, get up, get busy, people now! It's time once again to don your freedom-loving apparel and head out to the latest coolio INTERNET PROTEST. Do it! Get ready! Get out there! Get funky now! -- Mr. Bad


Get One of Ours Onto the Patent Committee
Stupid software patents! Gar gar gar! Aren't you sick of the bullshit!? I know I am. So let's get one of OUR SIDE onto the government's Patent Advisory Committee. -- Mr. Bad


Last One on the Bandwagon Turn Out the Lights
I dunno why it's taken me so long to write an article about this Boycott Amazon crap. Usually I jump all over this kind of thing and make something out of nothing. But in this case practically everybody in the world is bitching out Amazon, and I'm way in the back of the crowd picking bits of wax out of my ear with my pinky. Metaphorically, of course. -- Mr. Bad


Mozilla Dot Party Three Point Fucking Oh!
Damn! I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS since Netscape released the source code for Navigator at the Mozilla Dot Party on March 31st, 1998. CRAZY! -- Mr. Bad


Pigdog Journal DeCSS Distribution Center
Do you want to fight the MPAA and distribute DeCSS as far as the eye can see, but you're too chicken of their trained steel-toothed attack lawyers to put the DeCSS code on your Web site? GOOD! Me too! That's why I'm distributing the OTHER DeCSS. -- Mr. Bad


Smash the MPAA through DIRECT ACTION!!
2600 Magazine is taking the fight for SOFTWARE FREEDOM to the streets of America! Striking a blow against the INFORMATION HOARDERS where they live! Beaujolais to that! -- Mr. Bad


Brave GNU World
Hey, that's a real BAD PUN! I wish I'd thought of that! -- Mr. Bad


The Cautionary Tale of Plan 9
So, back in the day, this great group of uberscientists at Bell Labs (AKA Lucent Technologies) was working on this supergreat new operating system. It was supergreat, really. But it literally went to fucking hell. -- Mr. Bad


Burn All Gifs Day ANNOUNCED!
Hey, it's finally official! 11/5/1999 is BURN ALL GIFS DAY! See what you can do TODAY. -- Mr. Bad


While We're At It, Burn All MP3s, Too
So, I've been real interested in this Burn All GIFs Day thing coming up in October (ssh! that date is still secret! -- check out for more details). But I gots to say that I really hate the bullshite that's happening around MP3s, too. So, gar. -- Mr. Bad


How Did We Miss This?
Sun Microsystems has purchased black horse software maker Star Division and is giving StarOffice away for free with the source. -- The Compulsive Splicer


I'm Open to Anything
Open Source software has innumerable examples that prove by existence that the concept can work. Hell, I'm not even going to insult you by giving the typical Ziff-Davis freelancer list of successful free software projects. However, there hasn't been equal support for the idea of Open Content, the extension of Open Source into the world of documentation, literature, music and art. Maybe will change that. -- Mr. Bad


Bad Toilet Browser
Spock Mountain Research Labs hit the Mozilla party with full force this year. There were so many lab coats that half the people there thought that we were putting the party on. We danced like freaks, drank recklessly, and TALKED SHIT. And then Upside Magazine came and talked to us!! -- El Snatcher


It's My Party, I'll Code If I Want To
'Two thousand zero zero, party over, out of time! So tonight we're gonna party at Mozilla 99!' OK, that's pretty stupid. But the Mozilla party is a blast, and no matter how lame you are, you should come. -- Mr. Bad


Soviets Backed Open Source Software in the '80s?
THIS IS COMPLETELY CRAZY: Check out this news article, which claims that recently-released KGB documents show that, during the 1980s, various Open Source projects, including some developed by the Free Software Foundation, unknowingly received money from the Soviet government totaling more than $175,000!! Is it fake? -- El Snatcher


Mozilla Will Stagger On
Well, this has been reported elsewhere, BUT, it's worth noting that the people at have come out and said that Mozilla will continue as an Open Source project no matter what happens with Netscape and AOL. They interpret the Netscape Public License (NPL) to mean that the AOL-driven Netscape zombie will not be able to do evil things like re-privatize the code for Mozilla. This sounds cool, but I'm still holding out reservations that the Biggest Ever Commercial Product To Go Open Source will not be saddled with evil restrictions by bad AOL people. See Jamie Zawinski's rant for details. -- Mr. Bad


What Will Sun Do?
Rumors of a mega-deal between AOL, Netscape, and Sun worried advocates of the Open-Source Software movement. "We are interested in finding out how AOL will deal with Netscape's plans for support of its browser as an open source product that can be freely distributed, and which is supported on multiple OS platforms..." commented Jamie Love, director of the Washington, D.C.-based Consumer Project on Technology, on an Internet-protocol mailing list. -- El Destino

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Mozilla dot Party dot Montreal dot qc dot ca
Beaujolais for Mozilla dot Party dot Montreal dot qc dot ca! I can have fun Mozilla time with all my friends! -- Mr. Bad


One for the Apple Knowledge Base
Did Celine Dion hax0r your Mac? Here's how to defeat Sony's super-duper new copy protection, using sophisticated cracker tools like a marker pen and a piece of sticky tape. -- Siduri



Today Your Desktop, Tomorrow the World! -- The Compulsive Splicer




Hack On!
Excellent story about online activism and/or hacktivism. Beaujolais! -- Mr. Bad

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