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The 9/16 wrench: simple in form, near universal in function, and missingfrom every goddamn toolbox I've ever owned, borrowed or stolen.
-- gomonk

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Candy Trains Future Fellators
The Fr-ooze pop is a hard candy sucker in the shape of a dildo. When you squeeze the base, gooey sugary goodness oozes out of the hard, rounded tip. It's currently being marketed directly to children in Singapore via television ads placed on cartoon shows. -- Baron Earl


Take, Eat. For This is My Body.
I've always said that if you scratch the surface of a rabid vegan, you'll be certain to find a religious nutcase micrometers below the surface. Now, thanks to the heavily delusional freaks at PETA, we no longer need to do that. -- Flesh


Having Trouble Deciding a Meal? Some Suggestions
Looking for a hearty meal anyone would love? Why not ask the people who would know best? Here's a list of menus from people who had one final chance to pick the best dish ever. -- Miles Standish


I Hate Everything in the Future Except the Parkway
I live in the year 2000, and let me tell you, the future SUCKS! I'm hungover all the time, and there are no personal jetpacks as previously promised, and most of my favorite techno artistes haven't made a new music crystal since LONG AGO. The only thing that is worth a CYBERSHIT in the future is the PARKWAY. -- Mr. Bad

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Dirt-Eating Hillbillies -- El Snatcher



Every Bite is a Thousand Islands of Flavor
A thousand islands of flavor in every bite! The history of thousand island dressing. -- Mr. Bad


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Vinyl Nation: A Documentary Dig into the Record Resurgence

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