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All Quiet on the Eastern Font
In the days leading up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine there was a lot of speculation in the media that Russia would launch cyberattacks against Ukraine and any other countries that were helping Ukraine. Although some researchers dismissed such speculation as a lot of hype, one thing is becoming pretty obvious: There are a lot of web sites down right now -- Russian and Belarus web sites. -- Generalissimo Fresh-n-Fruity


Live from Macworld 2008
I have been camped outside Moscone Center, waiting for Macworld Expo to open, since 4:00 in the morning. Not this morning, since 4:00 in the morning January 4th. I had to be in line so I could be among the first to hear what new products Steve Jobs would announce. Getting a report two minutes after the announcement from someone's blog or just wouldn't do. I had to be FIRST. I had to hear it FIRST, directly from Steve Jobs.

This day could change my life. -- Baron Earl


We Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
In February Microsoft released a "critical update" for the Windows OS. Usually "critical" means "security-related", as in, "If you don't install this, your computer will be wide-open to some brutal exploits." This time, however, the "critical update" cleansed Bookshelf 7 font files of "unacceptable symbols." -- Baron Earl


US Officials Stomp On Free Software In International Star Chamber
So, I'm sitting on this beach on Ko Samet in Thailand today, drinking a Big Chang beer and picking up some rays. Yay for Thailand! Yay for beer! But I made a crucial mistake that has fucked up my mental equilibrium and forced me into the nearest thatched Internet hut (no shit -- it's really a hut): I bought a copy of the Bangkok Post, and now I'm all hopping mad. -- Mr. Bad


The Parking Lot Is Full is Closed
Another classic web comic links to the Big 404 In The Sky. -- ICBINJ


SSSCA Renamed and Introduced
As has been expected, Sen. Hollings, who after 40 years of service in the Senate is still the junior Senator from South Carolina, introduced the revised SSSCA under a new title - Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act, or CBDTPA. After a quick read through it appears just as horrible as many technical people have been predicting. -- JRoyale


The Life of the RIAA Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
2001 was a banner year for the RIAA - its crusade to stamp out all "illegal" music managed to score several big victories. They also had a couple of minor set backs, but for an organization that just last year was being declared obsolete by industry pundits, the RIAA turn around was forcing those very same talking heads to rethink their obituaries. -- JRoyale


AOL-Netscape Abandons Focus on the Browser
"The browser is a crown jewel. However, six months from now, you won't consider Netscape to be a browser company," said Netscape President Jim Bankoff in a recent interview. In short, Netscape is throwing in the towel and will no longer compete with Microsoft's Internet Explorer in the browser wars. IE wins. -- Baron Earl


Out-Geek the Geeks
First there was and their successful attempts to crack encrypted data with the power of thousands of idle CPUs. Then came SETI@HOME, which attempts to find extraterrestrial radio stations using the power of thousands of idle CPUs. Now we have Folding at Home, which attempts to increase our understanding of how proteins self-assemble using, you guessed it, the power of thousands of idle CPUs. -- Baron Earl


Surfing Safely with SafeWeb
Tired of having your boss know which porn web sites you are surfing? -- JRoyale


Ugly Web Page Tells How to Create Ugly Web Pages
Reacting to all of the gratuitously ugly web pages on the world wide web, Patrick Lynch and Sarah Horton, along with the Yale University Press, have published the Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites. They've also put together a web site devoted to promoting the book. There's just one thing though, the web site is just plain ugly. -- Baron Earl


Parade Kid! Hooray for the Parade Kid!
Don't be afraid of Chris. He just wants to entertain you. His methods may seem unorthodox to us and his manner of dress may seem a little offputting, at least to those of us who remember Kajagoogoo, but he just wants to make us smile. -- Tjames Madison


Beyond DVD
You've just installed a DVD burner and you think you're cutting edge? You think a 17GB disc is a lot of room? HA! FMD-ROMs are on the horizon, cramming 140GB onto a disc the size of a CD-ROM. -- Baron Earl


Fancy window manager voice control
Kde voice, control kde with a microphone -- Pao Tzu


133% of Americans Think Polls Make Their Opinion Worth Something
I got a statistic for you-- imagine an average American. Got it? OK, now imagine that 50% of the US is dumber than that. Now give 75% of Americans access to computers. Finally set up a "news" site entirely devoted to reporting on the outcome of polls and combine that with the recent finding that show the more incompetent you are the less likely you are to know it... Volia-- Yahoo! Public Opinion. -- Negative Nancy


Web Dinks Give Super Blow to Football Fans
In a shocking turn of events, Internet-based companies that have as of yet failed to turn any sort of profits are lining up in a long, orderly row to pony up huge amounts of lucre - sometimes as much as four times their most recent year's revenues - to get their stupid, worthless web sites some tiny, meaningless exposure during the annual Super Bowl boreathon tomorrow. -- Tjames Madison


First WebTV, Now WebVan
Man, the people of earth want to use the Web! It's crazy! First they put the Web on the television machine with WebTV, and now people are using this here Webvan thing to get the Web brought to their house. Beaujolais! -- Mr. Bad


Analog Cafe! You MUST COME!
Wowsy wowsy woo woo! Everyone who is anyone in the San Francisco freak scene will be swinging and singing at the Analog Cafe this Saturday, 11/13. You MUST GO! YOU MUST! -- Mr. Bad


Creationism Road Kill Fever!
Hello, my name is Negative Nancy and I have a problem. I can't stop. I can't look away. It's starting to interfere with my work, my love life, my family. It's tearing me away from the people and the things I love. I read wacko religious propaganda on the internet. -- Negative Nancy


Webzine99 going on NOW!
Hey, check out the crazy action at Webzine99! Home away from home for Pigdog Journal and dozens of other Webzines for one day only! -- Mr. Bad


The Tale of the People with the Long, Gray Beards and Their VIP NGO Friends (An Internet Fable)
Internet watchdog Thom Stark explains why Al Gore HAD TO INVENT THE INTERNET to protect you and me from the secret net cabal known as the "Graybeards." Along the way Stark demystifies their incantations and mystical code words -- ISOC, IETF, NSI, NGO, and many more. -- Thom 'Starky' Stark


Webzine 99 is July 24th - Rocking
Now is the time on Webzines when we DANCE! It's time once again for Webzine 9x, the Web zinemakers' confab and celebration. You should COME! -- Mr. Bad


Is the Online News Association a PYRAMID SCHEME?!?!
Haw haw haw! What a bunch of EVIL ASS-SUCKING TWERPS! The Online News Association has got to be the stupidest SCAM I ever did see, now! -- Mr. Bad


Old Java Wine in New Box
As you know, there are billions of web application servers now -- Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, Zope, and whatnot. That's how you can make dynamical web pages with server-side scripting and put a daterbase on your site. Well, it was only a matter of time before they put some Java on the pot. Get ready for Java Server Pages (JSP). -- El Snatcher


Zine in a Box
Tired of working till all hours of the night to create independent and interesting content for your Web zine? Worry no more, digital frontiersman! Zine in a box is HERE! -- Mr. Bad


Cyberstrike Follow-Up
The BBC is running an article today, reminiscent of a Pigdog article posted over the weekend, about the UK cyberstrike against metered local calling, and Bob Glickstein's call for a general strike of computer professionals in the 33 countries that signed the Wassenaar agreement, an international treaty that imposes new restrictions on cryptographic software technology. The article also mentions several other similar online "strikes" throughout Europe, and a protest to free two imprisoned Chinese scientists. The trend is clear: CRAZY ONLINE BOYCOTTS. And once again, Pigdog Journal SCOOPS. -- El Snatcher


Cyberstrike Now!
The latest tactic in computer politics is to go _on strike_. Web users in the UK are trying to organize a kingdom-wide "CYBERSTRIKE" for tomorrow (12-13-1998) to protest price gouging by British Telecom. -- El Snatcher


Report from Webzine 98
OK, so, a field team from Pigdog Journal was dispatched to this Webzine 98 craziness in order to cruise and schmooze. I can't speak for the entire team, but I have to say on my part that a good time was had. -- Mr. Bad


Webzine 98 Blah blah gar gar gar!
OK, so, Cool Event of the Week is the Webzine 98 thingy. I'd think it was a horrible blech gar-gar-gar-fest, except the exceptional people at Unamerican Activities are sponsoring it. And they are so cool it makes my neck sweat. -- Mr. Bad

Offsite links shared by staff writers




US government spams Iraqis -- Thom 'Starky' Stark



WP Editorial on copyright
Washington Post slams Disney for "Mickey Mousing" with US copyright laws. Free the Mickey NOW!!! -- JRoyale


Tempest for Eliza -- Baron Earl


Researchers: Girls Are Crazy -- Tjames Madison



DeCSS legalized! -- Baron Earl






Q&A with Jaron Lanier -- Baron Earl


FAKE Star Wars Episode II Trailer
You know it's time to move out of mom's basement and get a life when you start spending your time making FAKE Star Wars Episode II Trailers. -- Baron Earl



Pigdog for Cyberbillies! -- Baron Earl


Gibbering Bugheads
The gibbering bugheads who run slashdot have turned into egotistical loons and are interviewing themselves (slashdot-"style", natch) -- Rob Piltz



Joab Jackson, Flunkey for the Man
Patient Joab, FLUNKY FOR THE MAN, covers Webzine99. Splicer, where's that damn report!? Gar! We look l4m3! -- Mr. Bad


CNN's 'Insurgence on the Internet'
'Insurgence on the Internet' -- CNN's "in depth" special on hacking and computer security. -- El Snatcher

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