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Just to recap: Hacking mainframes => Good. Hacking children's heads off => Bad.
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Super Russian Torpedo
A fascinating link that details the possibility of the Russian Navy developing a 230 mph super cavitating torpedo called the Squall, which, if true, would quickly alter the balance of naval power around the world. -- JRoyale


Russians Broadcast Subliminal Messages
"Sit and watch only ATN," came the command. A Russian TV network hid those words in every 25th frame of their advertisements... -- El Destino


Student Writes to Putin, Loses Graduation Honors
Remember back in like 1980 when some little girl in Maine wrote a letter to Leonid Brezhnev asking him to help end the Cold War? This is nothing like that. -- The Compulsive Splicer


Night of the Lenin Dead
Boy, those Russians sure know how to throw a funeral. More than 75 years after his death, the body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Bolshevik hero of the 1917 Russian Revolution, will finally be removed from the Moscow building where it has lain in state since 1924 and buried. -- Tjames Madison


Crazy Drunkard Yeltsin Ruins Kremlin
In a feeble comeback attempt President Yeltsin has redecorated the inside of the Kremlin in a style that the director of the Art Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences describes as "monstrously bad." -- Oliver Green


No, I am not wearing glow in the dark paint. Why do you ask?
There are some advantages to opening a night club in a Russian bomb shelter. -- Flesh

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Russian Hackers Busy Stealing U.S. Weapons Secrets!
U.K. Sunday Times -- Russian Hackers Busy Stealing U.S. Weapons Secrets! -- El Snatcher


Net Chess Players Give Kasparov Trouble
After his humiliating defeat by IBM's 'Deep Blue' chess computer, Azerbaijani chess master Garry Kasparov is having trouble with Internet chess players... -- El Snatcher

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