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-- Thom 'Starky' Stark


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Understandizing the NOBLE SCIENCE of Beverotology to the masses and shit.

What can we say? We like the cars, the cars that go boom. And we like a little drinky-poo now and again. Beaujolais!

Pigdog Journal Articles

2011-04-08 Meat Cocktails
2007-05-24 Finally, the MSM does some real reporting
2007-04-19 Power of the Press
2006-10-03 Drive no wine before its time
2006-08-21 The Liquor Freedom Indicator
2004-02-28 Finland Expected To Drink More
2003-06-30 Two, Count Them Two, Livers!!!
2002-06-02 Legends of the Big Gulp
2002-04-22 The Ancient and Correct Sake Ceremony
2002-02-07 Three Days and 25 Spocktails: A Cautionary Tale

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2011-04-25 The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can
-- Daemon Agent
2011-04-25 Beverage science at its finest
-- Eugene Leitl
2006-08-09 What in the name of god was I thinking?
-- Baron Earl
2005-12-15 The NYT provides the skinny on cheap (but good) champaigne
Wanna drink something with bubbles in it sometime over the next couple of weeks but without breaking the bank? If you don't mind going through the registration rigamarole the New York Times can set you up. -- Ocho Ha!
2003-04-16 Modern Drunkard Magazine
Because Fairfax is not an isolated incident. -- Siduri
2003-01-23 The 86 Rules Of Boozing
Boozing Rule #33: The only thing that tastes better than free liquor is stolen liquor. -- Miss Conduct
2003-01-14 Big booze everyday keeps the heart attack away
-- Downer Cow
2002-12-23 Real cheap beer in Germany - 5 cents a can!
-- Baron Earl
2002-12-05 Rands Vegas System
Finally! A brilliant Vegas enjoyment system by a boner-gobbling cartoon alien. Area 51 unfortunately not mentioned. -- Mr. Bad
2002-10-10 300 Year Old Contraception Method Resurfaces
Meaning of the word 'tart' -- Miss Conduct
2002-04-27 Suck On This!
Liquor pops anyone? -- Miss Conduct
2002-03-15 Guinness Eyes Are Smiling
Guinness eyes are smiling. -- JRoyale
2002-02-17 Physicians debate beer-drinkers' IQs
-- Downer Cow




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