We're not like the others.  We really hate you.




Women. Can't live with them. Can't kill them!
-- Tom Arnold as Albert Gibson in True Lies


Animal Rampage

The dirty little secret of the Animal Kingdom is that ALL ANIMALS HATE US. Even the cute ones. So watch your back!

Pigdog Journal Articles

2008-04-09 Bride price: $2.7 million
2007-04-13 The chicken story
2006-06-06 Holy mother of poo
2006-03-01 "Grizzly Man" Delivers the Laughs
2003-06-12 Come on, people. It's SQRAT Pox! Get it right.
2002-12-18 Drunken Elephants go on Murderous Rampage
2002-11-12 Pavement Soaked in Blood After Vicious Squirrel Attack
2002-11-12 Scary Squirrel Shorts Senior's Circuits
2002-07-09 Ragged Band of Indomitable Celts Stage Desperate Last Stand Against Hedgehog Imperialists
2002-05-01 Rise of the Ratbots!
2002-04-25 Boscoe the Turtle Has Cashed His Check
2002-02-02 Six More Weeks of Bombing
2002-01-25 Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake
2002-01-08 Marvel of Love Savagely Destroyed by Brutal World
2001-07-26 Piranha Not Piranha
2001-05-19 My Pseudojournalism Is Yellow!
2001-05-17 Crazed Otters Terrorize Mankind
2001-05-15 Ape Monster Ravages New Delhi
2001-04-19 Serial Killing Seal
2001-02-22 This Tiger Don't Take Shit
2001-02-21 Pig Eats Man's Head and Balls
2000-06-08 Dirty Deer takes Bubble Bath
2000-06-07 Crazed Beaver Gnaws Dogs
2000-05-01 Enraged Bull Leaves Wake of Destruction in Helpless Spokane!!!
2000-01-17 When Animal Breeding Goes Horribly Wrong
1999-11-05 Squirrel Ka-Bobs
1999-08-25 Elephant Blood Donations Urgently Sought!
1999-08-19 Skunk School -- Learn Why Not To Keep Skunks As Pets
1999-08-17 Project GRIZZLY!
1999-08-11 Bees!
1999-08-03 Incredibly Cool Simulated Animal Torture!
1999-07-20 Blood-Thirsty Rats Back in Deutschland
1999-07-07 Sqrats Go Commercial Too Soon
1999-07-07 Another Day, Another Dead Guy in a Whale Tank Story
1999-07-04 Outrage!! Vicious Squirrel Attack on MY CITY!!!
1999-06-29 Polar Bears! Whales! Oh My!
1999-06-28 Careless Canadians Foster Virulent Gopher Strain
1999-06-24 Sqrats: The New Rodent Super Weapon
1999-06-17 Dead Snakes Are Just Faking It
1999-06-16 British Plot Against America: Squirrel Domination!
1999-06-11 Beekeeper Rivalry Turns Deadly
1999-06-09 Elephant Gang Stomps Villagers in Vietnam
1999-06-07 Government Shutdown as Rabid Bats Swarm Northern Mexico
1999-06-02 Killer Bees Attack Texas!
1999-06-02 Killer Bees Attack Mexico Schoolkids!
1999-05-26 Rock Me Dr. Zaius
1999-05-21 Rus the Surfin' Squirrel
1999-03-31 Fabio Latest Victim of Insane Animal Hostility
1999-03-16 Squirrel Cuts Power To Five Thousand
1999-02-24 Nasty Rutting Skunks Invade Home
1999-02-22 India Cracks Down on Monkey Menace
1999-02-04 Peeping Tom Squirrel!
1998-12-04 Dog Fights Off Murderous Deer
1998-12-01 Truck Spills Millions of Bees
1998-11-10 Pig Vs. Pig Grudge Match!
1998-10-05 Flying Squirrels Terrorize Family!

Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is (usually) found and not created by Pigdog Journal staff. Read at your own risk.

2017-05-03 US Government uses drones to shoot M&Ms at endangered ferrets
-- Baron Earl
2006-08-18 Pigdog found dead in Maine
It was charcoal gray, weighed between 40 and 50 pounds and had a bushy tail, a short snout, short ears and curled fangs hanging over its lips, he said. It looked like "something out of a Stephen King story." -- Baron Earl
2005-10-19 Squid + Hillbillies == the best new television show this fall!
-- El Snatcher
2004-12-09 Crazy Cat Lady Strikes Again
-- Dkr. Armand Geddyn
2004-02-19 Whale explodes in Taiwanese city
-- Baron Earl
2003-02-06 Crab Vs. Pipe
A little lesson in the power of pressure, with gratuitous animal death for your enlightenment and amusement. -- Siduri
2003-01-28 The Imagination Reels
"No! Bad Cockmonkey." -- Miss Conduct
2002-11-12 Looking to get into hunting? Try squirrels!
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Squirrel rampage causes power surge, destroys equipment
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Squirrel knocks out power to thousands in Napa
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Squirrels repeatedly attack New Jersey power systems
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Power service cut in Bloomington by cunning squirrel commando
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Benicia woman attacked by squirrel
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Squirrel cuts off power in Skowhegan area of Maine
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Squirrel Electrocuted in Palo Alto
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-12 Squirrel Attacks University
In win act of carefully-planned sabotage, a squirrel has attacked the electrical system supplying power to the University of South Florida. -- Baron Earl
2002-08-15 Squirrel Rampage Ends in Death
A squirrel in Illinois went on a rampage that left at least four people injured. That squirrel is now DEAD. -- Baron Earl
2002-07-22 Some people have no place using multimedia authoring packages.
-- Paul Vortex
2002-07-20 Poke the Bunny
-- Baron Earl
2002-06-13 Spider Finds Home in Woman's Ear
-- Baron Earl
2002-04-12 Beware the evil jack rabbits of Santa Rosa!
-- El Snatcher
2002-03-05 Not Enough Homes For Them All
Lend a hand in feral feline population control. -- Miss Conduct
2002-02-06 Stupid RIPOFF Sqrat Movie
This is a dumb movie that Rupert Murdoch's asshole fascist company Fox made. It looks like they hired the same cheap-ass Korean animators who did Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" video. Woohoo, COMPUTER ANIMATION. They mention a goddamn sqrat, they misspell it, and fuck them sideways. God, I hate that goddamn Fox. -- Mr. Bad
2002-01-01 Drunken Raccoon Rampage
-- Baron Earl
2001-12-26 Plan To Burn Opossum Burns Woman
-- Baron Earl
2001-12-02 The Longest Bird Penis Ever
The Longest Bird Penis Ever -- Baron Earl
2001-11-27 Man injured in squirrel 'whiplash attack.'
-- El Snatcher
2001-11-07 "Giving animals hand-jobs", complains zoo sperm bank worker
"Giving animals hand-jobs" complains zoo sperm bank worker -- El Destino
2001-10-10 Dog Shoots Man
Dog Shoot Man -- JRoyale
2001-08-28 Beware of Sewer Lizards
Beware of sewer lizards -- El Destino
2001-07-30 Scary Squirrels!
-- El Destino
2001-07-19 How they make Coondogs
-- JRoyale
2001-07-06 Spiders on speed
-- El Destino
2001-07-05 How to kill squirrels
-- El Destino
2001-05-27 Bonsai Kitten - Keep 'em Small Forever
-- Baron Earl
2001-05-07 Crazed otter drowns fluffy dog
-- El Destino
2001-04-15 The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite. -- Baron Earl
2001-04-15 Victims of Beastiality
-- Baron Earl
2001-04-15 Easter is now CANCELLED!
-- Baron Earl
2001-03-26 Nintendo's demented "girl talk" ad
-- El Destino
2000-11-06 More Animal Attacks. Ram Rams Breaver's
More Animal Attacks. Ram Rams Breaver's -- JRoyale
2000-10-28 Airborne Hogs or Flying Pigs - either way it was First Class
-- JRoyale
2000-10-12 Hate Scrats
Do you hate Scrats? Check out the anti-squirrel web ring. -- JRoyale
2000-09-28 Monkeys the new weapon of Paris gangs
Monkeys the new weapon of Paris gangs. -- Baron Earl
2000-09-21 Green Flourescent Bunny
Green Flourescent Bunny. -- Baron Earl
2000-06-28 Squirrel Shredders
When throwing hundreds of squirrels into a jet engine is OUTLAWED, only OUTLAWS will throw hundreds of squirrels into a jet engine. OK, outlaws, and the DUTCH. They'll keep doing it, too. -- Downer Cow
2000-05-22 Woman's Arm is Tasty Tiger Treat
-- JRoyale
2000-05-03 Seadog's bite Mayor... Go Seadogs go!
-- JRoyale
2000-03-24 Mini Pet Sqrats!
Yay! Miniature pet sqrat-skunko creatures for all my friends!! -- Ms.BunnyPenny
2000-03-23 Is that a snake in your pants, or...
Is that a snake in your pants, or are you just a perverted Frenchman? -- Ms.BunnyPenny
2000-01-18 Hey, I gotta get me one of them virtual dogs...
-- El Snatcher
1999-09-14 The Latest 'Skunk Ape' Sighting!
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-28 Postman Attacked by Evil Cow in England!!!
-- El Snatcher
1999-07-15 Aussie Pitbulls Maul Postman, Horse
-- Tjames Madison
1999-07-11 AP: Polar Bear / Eskimo hostilities resume! One Inuit dead, two badly injured...
AP: Polar Bear / Eskimo hostilities resume! One Inuit dead, two badly injured... -- El Snatcher
1999-07-09 SquirrelCAM!!
SquirrelCAM!! -- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-29 OSI - it's for Pigs!
The Open Source Initiative has finally decided to branch off into other realms! For instance, this site will show you the best in Canadista Back-Bacon production! -- Crackmonkey
1999-06-29 Another Fish Beating Reported
-- Tjames Madison
1999-06-21 Robot Arm Wired to RAT's Brain!!
-- Ms.BunnyPenny
1999-06-08 Reuters: Weirdo hen-eating Sheep!
-- El Snatcher
1999-05-26 Rampaging elephant stampedes through downtown Madrid
-- Tjames Madison




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