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An Ethologist's Notebook

"An Ethologist's Notebook" is kind of like Alistair Cooke's "Letter from America," except completely not. First off, Johnny Royale is an American in England instead of an Englishman in America. Second, this is on the Web instead of on radio. Third, Johnny mostly talks about beer.

Johnny Royale, Margaret Mead, what's the difference?

Pigdog Journal Articles


Hang'em From the Highest Oil Derrick
The black sludge that has been oozing out of Enron for the past several months, contaminating everyone and everything it touches with the oily and unwashable stench of greed, corruption and more greed, has finally attracted the attention of even the most brain dead corporate lapdog reporters this month as the Bush Administration rushes to begin damage control and find some solvent to cut the muck they are now up to their eyeballs in. -- JRoyale


Thank you El Destino
I have been sitting here looking that ridiculous French.... err... self-described Gonzo Journalism site, wondering how the fuck to respond to the request for a link exchange that their webmaster was proposing. I mean, I respect Gonzo Journalism and try to help out where I can, so I was trying to figure how to establish some sort of rapport. So I kept looking that the site and well my brain just couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. Then I read El Destino's article and I got a clue. -- JRoyale


Hack "This" RIAA
Ever since the music producers realized that they were behind a digital eight-ball, they've been scrambling to remain relevant in a post-analog world. However, their recent attempts to gain the legal authority to "hack" into computers solely on the belief that the computers are hosting inappropriate copyrighted material are completely obscene and absolutely scandalous. -- JRoyale


What's in, What's out - Version 2001
So yesterday George "Dubbya" Bush, took the oath of office and became the 43th President of the United States of America. Naturally a new administration in Washington means that there will be a lot of changes and so Pigdog is here to tell you what fads faded into the past with the retirement of Bill Clinton and what are now the hottest trends in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. -- JRoyale


74 Days of Media Hell
Well, it is official... there is no winner for the Office of the President of the United States. And, We the People are gonna have to spend the 74 days between Nov 7th and Feb 20th listening to the Democrats and the Republicans snipe at each other. Oh joy. -- JRoyale


I'm Drunk and I'm Voting
That's right Pigdog fans. Johnnie is thoroughly disgusted with the big money corporate run elections we have on Tuesday, I'm going to the polls drunk off my ass. -- JRoyale


Johnnie Royale says Vote YES on Prop 36!
Election time rapidly approaches. Sadly, in the race for president this year the major parties have out done themselves in picking puppets that will do the bidding of their corporate masters. Still, there is much more at stake on Nov 7th this year in the State of California. -- JRoyale


Ethnic Cleansing, Texas Style
I can't believe this country sometimes. It seems that some Texan sheriff in Tulia wanted to rid his town of drugs. So he brought in Tim Coleman to work uncover and discover all those "Bad People" selling drugs. At least that's the story the way the "Law" tells it. -- JRoyale


It's an Old Country and They Like It That Way
I can't believe that I have been in England for nearly year - which, I guess by the way the English count things, a year is pretty meaningless. Hell, some of their cricket matches last that long - and let me tell you that there is nothing more meaningless then a cricket match. -- JRoyale


An Ethologist's Notebook
That's Black Gold... Texas Tea -- JRoyale

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