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-- Master Squid

The Nekkid Truth

Nudity, sex, and other random acts of love.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Naked Tits Save Lives
In an effort to curb speeding in high-traffic areas, the Danes have hit on a new idea: beautiful half-naked women attract more attention than boring old street signs. -- LiquorPig


Share the Love and Be Proud!
Personally I've never discrimated against women for their breast size, I think every last one of them are great. And I've always considered it a great honor to see and/or play with women's breasts. So it was with great excitement when I saw the url -- Dr. Biggles


Real or Fake?
The web has endless personality tests, "Am I ___ or not?" tests, and polls of every sort. Now a Russian with a sense of humor has come up with a test that you'll actually ENJOY taking. Really. -- Baron Earl


Congress Shocked - Adolescent Abstinence Programs Unable to Prove They Work
Congress, used to having the massive programs they fund return piles of documentation proving just how much value the taxpayers are getting for their money, is shocked that no one has been able to prove that the annual 500 million dollars the US spends attempting to brainwash teenagers into not having sex outside marriage is money well spent. -- JRoyale


The Catholic Church: Keeping Abreast
You can't live in—or even visit—San Francisco without seeing a large pyramid-like building in the skyline. Many don't know that it's actually a Catholic cathedral. But even fewer suspect the source of this building's power: RAW FEMALE SEXUALITY. -- The Compulsive Splicer


Naked Australian Redhead -- Missing!
She posed naked on the web, fought for pornography online, and even kept an online "Diary of a Virtual Girlfriend." But after earning a place in internet history, Bernadette Taylor vanished without a trace. -- El Destino


Naked with a Cat
72 naked women; one cat. Do I have to tell you how disturbing this is? -- El Destino

Offsite links shared by staff writers


Naked newscaster's Wikipedia page
The Naked News' Victoria Sinclair gets a Wikipedia entry. -- El Destino


Damn That Damn Nokia! damn
Nokia still hasn't sent me my refund, and now I find out I can only get THIS in Europe. Damn those damn Nokia f***ers! -- Miss Conduct


Pregnant Barbie Friend Pulled
Barbie can be sexy, but she and her friends can't actually HAVE sex. -- Miss Conduct


Lingerie Barbie
Barbie finally revealed as her true tramp self. -- Miss Conduct


Female or Shemale?
So, you think you know how to mack? Think again. -- Miss Conduct


Big Boobs from EHOWA
Oy Vey, this is pair of boobs. Big BIG boobs. (WMV) -- JRoyale




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