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If your 87 year old Aunt Edna all of a sudden started handing out fresh tabs of acid, would you complain about how embarrasing and un-hip Edna is with her rocking chair and Alzheimers n' all, or would you just shut up and enjoy this unexpected bounty...
-- Patient Joab


The Nekkid Truth
Nudity, sex, and other random acts of love.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2006-11-20 Naked Tits Save Lives
2005-12-20 Share the Love and Be Proud!
2002-06-20 Real or Fake?
2002-04-24 Congress Shocked - Adolescent Abstinence Programs Unable to Prove They Work
2001-12-22 The Catholic Church: Keeping Abreast
2001-12-10 Naked Newscaster -- GONE!!!!
2001-12-04 Naked Australian Redhead -- Missing!
2001-11-27 Vegas Strippers Need Economic "Stimulus"
2001-10-06 Naked with a Cat
2001-05-28 Naked Thousands Invade Canada
2001-05-06 Bra-flashing teacher inspires her students
2001-04-03 Nudity Across America
2000-09-17 Naked in the Park

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2011-03-07 Study finds staring at breasts is good for men's health
-- h.r.taffs
2006-07-22 Naked newscaster's Wikipedia page
The Naked News' Victoria Sinclair gets a Wikipedia entry. -- El Destino
2004-12-14 Texas, Satan, Sex Calendar. That just about says it all.
-- Yosemite
2003-04-14 Damn That Damn Nokia! damn
Nokia still hasn't sent me my refund, and now I find out I can only get THIS in Europe. Damn those damn Nokia f***ers! -- Miss Conduct
2002-12-27 Pregnant Barbie Friend Pulled
Barbie can be sexy, but she and her friends can't actually HAVE sex. -- Miss Conduct
2002-12-24 Lingerie Barbie
Barbie finally revealed as her true tramp self. -- Miss Conduct
2002-04-26 Female or Shemale?
So, you think you know how to mack? Think again. -- Miss Conduct
2002-02-21 Big Boobs from EHOWA
Oy Vey, this is pair of boobs. Big BIG boobs. (WMV) -- JRoyale
2001-12-17 Naked "Bulgarian" News
-- JRoyale
2001-12-17 "I Don't Smoke, I Don't Drink. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" - Bob Crane
-- JRoyale
2001-11-28 Bare knobs and broomsticks
-- El Destino
2001-08-28 Nude Suit . com
Nude Suit . com [Thanks, Blort.meepzorp.com !) -- El Destino
2001-07-12 The fire-breathing stripper
-- El Destino
2000-08-03 Flashing the 'Today' Show!
-- El Destino




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