Never trust a German to give you advice on what operating system you should use. Just remember what operating system they tried to get the world to use last time.
-- Flesh


Art Fux
I don't know art, but I know what I fuck

There are Bad People out there doing the stupidest shit in the name of Art for Art's sake. Check out the self-obsessed, neurotic perps!

Pigdog Journal Articles

2019-01-30 Giant Space Penises
2011-03-21 Perverted Sex in Marvel Comics?
2006-08-24 Debbie Does Dallas - The Musical
2006-06-26 The Three Incestuous Sisters
2003-03-09 I've Seen Dead People
2003-02-28 To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish
2002-09-26 Cut 'n Paste
2002-04-28 What a Fucking Nightmare
2001-11-24 Sex Crimes of the X-Men
2001-09-07 Here's A Good Reason To Use Microsoft Software
2001-06-09 Fun and Flames at Survival Research Labs
2000-12-10 Invisible porn stars
2000-11-03 Smile! You're on Fascist Camera
2000-06-30 Dominatrix Whips Cow in New York
2000-05-05 Font Porn
2000-04-11 Skins! For Browsers!
2000-02-21 Haunted Painting Scares Up Serious eBay Scrilla
1999-11-15 Goddamn Hippies!
1999-11-05 WWW in 3D
1999-10-18 jodi.org! Fucking art fucking fucks!
1999-08-16 Sad But True
1999-08-16 Hail, &!

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2007-08-27 Laser Tagging
-- Baron Earl
2006-02-17 Sqrat Decanter
If you don't mind a little fur in your whiskey. -- Baron Earl
2005-12-15 Police whack giant snow penis
-- h.r.taffs
2004-04-22 Gorgeous ice sculptures in China!
-- Baron Earl
2002-11-23 Fun with Photoshop
-- Baron Earl
2002-10-11 Dieter Daycare Service
Dieter Daycare Service! Art project from the bald Euro-freaks at etoy. -- Mr. Bad
2002-10-08 If you're offended by sex, homosexuality, or even heterosexuality, don't bother.
MoSex opens its doors. -- Miss Conduct
2002-09-26 Starsky and Hutch: The Movie
The creative well of cinema is running dry. That, or all the cool ideas were destroyed on 9/11. -- Flesh
2002-08-22 Bart / Ass
Some people should not be allowed to get tats. And looking at the quality, some people should not be allowed to do tats. -- Eugene Leitl
2002-07-27 We Come In Peace
-- Miss Conduct
2002-06-13 He Can Only Do This Show Nine More Times...
-- Baron Earl
2002-03-01 Victorian Space Cakes
Little Drug Fiends is Louisa May Alcott's lesser-known sequel to Little Women. -- Sid & Cyn
2001-12-01 Obeisance to Chevron
-- Baron Earl
2001-10-10 From fark: Town rejects sculpture of woman's ass
-- El Destino
2001-08-04 Ravi Shankar -- Political Cartoonist
-- Baron Earl
2001-07-31 Naked man drops exploding cow from helicopter
-- El Destino
2001-05-27 Smack Bush
-- Baron Earl
2001-04-15 Who DOESN'T Hate that Damn Paperclip?
-- Baron Earl
2000-12-09 The Turkish Wizard of Oz
-- Baron Earl
2000-10-21 Nudity meets animated GIFs
-- El Destino
2000-10-13 Flesh is a mysterious and dynamic originator of wonderment and humour. He is also the founder of Pigdog mailing list.
-- El Snatcher
2000-09-26 Subverting music distribution
-- El Destino
2000-07-28 S.H.I.T. M.O.M. - We're Hungry!
-- Baron Earl
2000-06-30 Knockers the Clown
-- El Destino
2000-04-27 Oh, GAAAAAGG!
Really, this is just stupid. Folks, get a grip. Oh, and get a Trackball Marble, while you're at it. -- Mr. Bad
1999-09-22 Unfunny Family Circus Creator Sics Rake Swinging Lawyers on Web Site
-- Flesh




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