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Big Ass Smotherland Smash!!!!

by Mr. Bad

1998-12-18 10:37:00

Perhaps there is no more common fantasy among men than to have 2000 lbs. of fat ladies sitting on your head. Oh, yeah! That's the life, BAYBEE! Look here to find your dreams of smotherhood fulfilled.

Queen Adrena has one of the absolute craziest fetish sites on the Web. It's all about REALLY FAT LADIES stomping, smothering, and trampling weak little wormy SISSY BOYS. There are incredible pictures of little tiny heads sticking out between 350 lbs. of ass cheeks.

Q.A. has tons of videos for sale. Myself, I'm thinking of getting "Tiny Titans' Wrestling School", a video of the majestic Queen herself (all 6'3", 300lbs. of her) kicking the ASS of two little 4'6" girls. She squishes two of them at a time! She crushes them in her momentous tatas! As you can guess, much head smooshing ensues!

None dare say that the smothering and trampling phenom will go away soon. So get some Queen Adrena today, and tell 'em Mr. Bad sent you.

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