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2001-05-11 02:59:05

Weird Science
Cunts are right up there with World Peace and 4.5 cubic liter normally aspirated V8 stockblock engines in my book.
-- Tjames


Apparently there just aren't enough whip-cream canisters in New Zealand to satisfy the N2O cravings of the countries bored teenagers and junkie dentists so scientists there have been forced to seek out a new source of laughing gas-- cow dung!

OK, so I'm making shit up about hordes of bored teens and strung-out dentists, but they really are investigating how much laughing gas is given off by cow dung. And they're using a big orange balloon to do it-- though I have no idea what that is important enough to be part of the headline. But anyway, this super-hightech orange balloon is all chock full of science that will one day allow us to harness this untapped natural resource and use it for the forces of good! Or something, they don't actually say why they're doing this. I guess the words "laughing gas" "cow dung" and "big orange balloon" were enough information for one article.

I just hope this information doesn't fall into the wrong hands-- I have this horrible image of people walking around huffing plastic bags of dung trying to get the giggles...

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