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Eavesdropping on Geeks: Music to Protest By
2018-01-17 20:31:39

Viva La Musica
All Bad People of the Future had shitty lives as Miserable People of the Past.
-- Johnnie Royale


Back in our sekrit headquarters, we collaborated on the ultimate music mix for a world where Donald Trump is president.

Flesh led the charge...

     Flesh: The theme will (obviously) be "revolution & resistance".

Unfortunately, the results remain top secret and highly classified, because it all turned out to be wildly incriminating. What fans our personal flames of rebellion? Who stirs the wild fury that dares not speak its name? Which melodies make our brains boil with righteous, red-hot rage? And what song always sounds like it's screaming "Fight Pigdogs fight!" at 120 decibels?

Luckily a few answers have leaked out -- a new world soundtrack from the secret soul of Pigdog. Obviously a music mix of this magnitude is highly combustible -- but here's what it'd sound like if you put it all on shuffle and pulled out some of the highlights...

Master Squid: The DKs give us lots of songs... Nazi Punks Fuck Off! (how could I forget that one?)

Flesh: All good choices...

Baron Earl: Mojo Nixon.

El Destino: X has that song about how they were voting for a president this morning, and this is "The New World."

Master Squid: Night of the Living Rednecks.

El Destino: "Fuck Donald Trump"

Master Squid: God, half the songs on Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction have an appropriate title LOL...

Oysterhead - Wield the Spade.

El Destino: The Pixies? I love "Debaser".

Other suggestions included "something by Devo," and the musical debate ultimately culiminated with this inspring quote from their forgotten 1989 album, "Now It Can Be Told."

"Remember you were there!
 Remember if you care!
 All those who stood their ground
 when it all came down..."

Want more? Check out Internet Radio Pigdog.

Or leave us a comment. What song fans your personal flames of rebellion?

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