I Wish I Could Hate Greenwitch.com
1999-10-20 20:55:52

Viva La Musica
"Let's roll" was the last thing heard over a air-to-ground phone connection, said by one passenger to another, before the passengers attempted to retake the fourth hijacked aircraft on 9-11. Instead of gaining control of the aircraft and thwarting the hijackers, they succeeded in crashing the plane into the ground and killing everyone aboard, including themselves. A fitting motto if there ever was one.
-- Baron Earl (referring to George W. Bush's new national motto)


Man, there's something about on-line music companies that just gets under my skin. I dunno know what it is. I wish I could hate Greenwitch.com, but I don't. Damn.

I think the thing that bugs me is when something cool and really distributed and rockin' is commercialized by a company and given a brand name. For example: the WEB. Or dejanews.com, with Usenet. Or LINUX, for god's sake. There's just something gross when a company usurps a global movement or technology and makes it into a business model.

Also at the same time they have that name, "Green Witch." It's kind of a dumb pun on "Greenwich," I guess. Which is dumb. I hate puns. But also it's kind of a pagan-o hippy-o mystick-o thing, which is also dumb. Kind of. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

But, SHIT. All in all, Greenwitch.com is pretty cool, for a music-streaming company. They do all their work with IceCast, the OpenSource alternative to ShoutCast, and they're helping with the development of the software. AND they offer free CD-ripping for small bands, and bandwidth for them.

Not only that, but at Webzine99 I talked to one of the guys from TechnoState, one of my favorite DJ stations, and he said that GreenWitch was helping them with their infrastructure and broadcasting and all that. Which I consider QUITE COOL.

So, I dunno. This GreenWitch has been around for about a year, and they're having a big free anniversary party next week. I'll go and try to find something to hate. Don't worry, you'll be the first to know.

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