The Gold Standard
1999-03-14 17:32:00

Viva La Musica
My grandmother is made out of titanium.
-- Binky


I've gone over and over trying to figure out a good way to describe this site, and I just can't. All I can say is that it illustrates one of the REALLY BEST things about the Web -- frantically obsessed people collecting huge passels of information not available anywhere else, and PUBLISHING it, and then getting more info from readers, and publishing that, etc. It's a totally cool model for JOURNALISM and just plain REFERENCE, and when the subject of RESEARCH is the FABULOUS SOLID GOLD DANCERS (!!!!!), you're in for nothing for pure sexy informative fun, baby.

For those who don't know, the Solid Gold Dancers were the in-house troupe for the TV Show "Solid Gold." They danced little dances while Marilyn McKoo and Andy Gibb read off the names of the Top 10 songs of the week (with accompaniment). For a few golden years in the 80s, the Solid Gold Dancers were synonymous with white-bread sex appeal. They were BUILT, they did SUGGESTIVE CROTCH-GRINDING DANCE MOVES, and they wore ASS-REVEALING OUTFITS that probably required a lot of Nair to make them legal for national TV. The SG Dancers were the only feature that got thousands of teenage boys to tune in to an otherwise crappy show. Between "Solid Gold" and "30-Minute Workout," this young hornball hardly needed any porn.

I'm dead serious in saying that the information on this site is breath-taking. It's just amazingly comprehensive: names and histories of every single dancer in the 8-year history of the show as well as hundreds of photographs and even INTERVIEWS with the dancers themselves (example tautological interview response by dancer Lezlie: "We wouldn't have been as successful if it hadn't been for so many fans.").

Anyways, check out The Solid Gold Dance Connection and check all that shit on out.

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