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Blech, secession is such a treasonous act.
-- Master Squid

I ain't bluffing, thank your lucky stars for the Great White Death.

by Flesh

2000-03-30 20:48:14

Ever wonder what the sound of your Dad shattering your mom's jaw with an axe-handle would sound like if put to music? Wonder no more.

Since 1978, William Bennett and company under the name of Whitehouse have been creating some of the most intense and disturbing music ever. In most cases, they make Throbbing Gristle seem like a boring Holiday Inn lounge act. The music goes beyond confrontational, and into the region of rape, forcing mental images of the most unpleasant kind on subjects you would ever willingly want to think about. A look at some of the song titles (Ripper Territory, Rapeday, Great White Death, and Dom) should be more than enough to convince you of this.

And why would you want to endure such things? Because it makes for better art than 99% of the shit that's being pumped out right now. It forces you to think. To take in different perceptions of the world you live in, and acknowledge that for all the beauty that exists, there is a dark and very ugly side.


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