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Neurofunk Fucking Radio

by Mr. Bad

2000-02-29 12:49:00

GodDAMN, I like the Neurofunk Radio station! It's the George Washington SHIT of online radio. You must go listen to Neurofunk TODAY, my friend! I insist.

Why is Neurofunk radio the FUCKING BESTEST radio station on the Global World Wide Internet Squirrel? First of all, they play BRAIN-BUSTING drum and bass 24x7, all day, every day. Beaujolais to that! Everyone knows that you need DRUM and BASS just to get out of bed in the morning, and the THUMPING BEAT keeps you jerking through your horrible life like a dead frog with electrodes attached to its legs. THUMP jerk THUMP jerk THUMP jerk THUMP THUMP THUMP.

Second, it's SPARTAN. I like that. No baloneyrific bullshite commercials or stupid prank phone call idiocy like SOME Web radio stations have (I'm, not talking about, say, Loud Factory in particular, here, but -- Oh, wait, I AM talking about Loud Factory. Canadia makes bad Internet Radio!). And the Web site is simplicity itself. Just like fabuloso drum and bass!

Yeah, OK, it's hosted off the bogon Live 365, who hosts just TONS of radio stations and shit. I'm not too crazy about Live 365 since they disabled my Live 365 Web site, but, hey, BYGONES BE BYGONES, I say. Neurofunk is the rock. Go dig the bass, the drum, the drum and bass and drum and bass.

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