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This Is All Herb Caen's Fault

by Tjames Madison

1999-07-15 00:43:32

What the HELL is wrong with the pinheads who run San Francisco these days?

It's not like anyone in California takes this no-smoking-in-bars law seriously anyway. Last time I was in Los Angeles, for instance, the Cat and Fiddle in Hollywood was PACKED TO THE GILLS with smokers, and the bar even had ashtrays on every table! Har har! Great law!

So now some big-shoulder fancy pantsy San Francisco city attorney comes along and decides to sue a bartender for allowing people to smoke. Did anyone even vote for this law? Did they even put it to a vote? Now some hard-working schmoe is gonna lose his job because someone SMOKED in a BAR.

San Francisco: the city that looks the other way when people start a club where you can buy and sell pot but if somebody smokes in a fucking bar: "KILL him! Pull his ARMS OFF!" San Francisco: the city that hires convicted drunk drivers to drive its busses. San Francisco: the city that made it illegal to give coffee and doughnuts to homeless people. San Francisco: the city that couldn't decide if PUBLIC TOILETS were worth spending money on.

San Francisco: the city that never thinks.

Fuck you, San Francisco. Just for this, I'm NEVER moving back.

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