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Stop the WTO!
1999-11-24 15:50:56

Little do people know that one day the Busey Clan will rise up and dominate the earth.
-- Roby


So, the WTO is going to be meeting in Seattle from Nov 30 to Dec 3. And they're gonna get a FACEFUL of radicals and freaks screaming anti-New World Order propaganda and trying to break up Business As Usual. BEAUJOLAIS!

So, this WTO protest thing is HOT HOT HOT. It's really fucking fantastic! The World Trade Organization is composed of the evil little gnomes who scheme and plan to shut down American businesses and send the jobs to horrible industrial slave compounds in Indonesia. They force horrible MUTANT GENETIC FRUIT down the unknowing throats of the world's populace. They CACKLE like madmen! The BREASTS of young MOTHERS wither and are BARREN in their presence! They stink like the ROT of FLYBLOWN CORPSES!

Anyways, the WTO made the big mistake of planning a meeting in the normally sleepy village of Seattle, WA. Don't ask me why, but somehow radical furor has coalesced like a WHITE HOT LASER on this meeting. Buchananites and Spartacans are joining in ANTI-NWO anger and fury. It's gonna be real cool.

If you know anything about the trampling of national sovereignty and the gutting of world democracy that the WTO represents, you should go see WTO WATCH now. If you DON'T know, or if you DON'T CARE, well, you should EXPECIALLY go see WTO WATCH now. Get educated, American consumer! Don't believe the free trade HYPE! Make the fuckers SQUIRM!

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