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Court Ruling Eases British Impotence Fears
1999-05-26 13:01:25

Substance Recreation
No, you don't understand, Michael. I *do* always have to be an ass. It's all I have left.
-- Tjames Madison


The notoriously flaccid limeys were given a boost to the gonads yesterday when the British High Court ruled that the English government cannot restrict distribution of the anti-impotence drug Viagra through that country's National Health Service.

That means that British men can now get an erection ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, for FREE, thanks to the UK's twisted social net. They can also be unemployed while enjoying these drug-induced erections, thanks to the infamous "dole" system, and if they happen to be an intravenous drug user, they can receive FREE HEROIN through the national health plan as well. And people say Britain is dying.

They still have to pay their telly rates, though.

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