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Japanese Fear Science
1999-11-08 16:43:27

Scary Technology
Coherence is for pussies!
-- Patient Joab


These days, we don't have torch-wielding mobs storm the laboratory. We just let our government make a ruling, subtly hinting that failing to comply will result in the same angry mob. By "we", of course, I mean "Japan". So when this scientist, Setsuo Iwasaki, wants to do an experiment on cell division to research leukemia. But the government says, "Holy shit! This vaguely resembles human cloning!"

There's a lot of people in power who prefer leukemia to cloning, it seems. When this scientist does an experiment, which involves putting some human DNA in a cow's egg cell - he used a cow's egg cell rather than a human egg cell because you are a freak and get all skittish about human cells - the government comes storming into action and says that human cloning will soon be banned, and anything that's anything like human cloning is not quite banned, but requires government approval beforehand.

"People are very nervous about human cloning and cloning research," said the scientist, presumably in an austere, Spock-like tone. "We find this troubling."

Jesus FUCK, people.

Get OVER it. Luddite babbling is *so* last century.

I may be just a big dogshit-eating extropian, but I think it's a little more important to worry about the folks who are DYING from LEUKEMIA, than the folks who squirm around all grossed-out-like because someone's doing something like human cloning. I mean, it's not like this guy is trying to create an army of flesh robots to become his sex slave personal bodyguard death squad - at least not to my knowledge.


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