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-- Sean Baby

Santarchy 2002

by Baron Earl

2002-12-18 14:50:13

Every year Santas get together all over the globe to bring children presents, to offer tidings of joy, and TO RAMPAGE IN YOUR BUNGHOLE LIKE DEMONS FROM HELL during an annual bachanalia known as SANTARCHY!

In San Francisco Santas got very, very drunk and rampaged through the streets and into the bars. Over 100 Santas started the pub crawl in Oakland, crossed over to San Francisco by ferry, and damaged the impressionable minds of youngsters along the way. Santas sprayed foam on cars, went to strip clubs and bars, and annoyed the shoppers of Union Square. It was a Merry Time indeed.

Santas rampage through Austin, through London, Vancouver, and Washington, DC. Santa even Got Wild in New York City.

"No force on earth can stop one hundred Santas!"


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