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Whatever happened to Kim Rollins?
2001-01-30 00:01:15

The Rollins-Shipley Crisis
Ha ha! Flesh! You can't go back and change what I wrote! That's pathetic!!
-- Wendolonia


Kim Rollins has changed her marital status. From "single and looking" to just "single." That's one of many insights gleaned from two personal ads the internet celebrity posted online in November....

After leaving Wil Shipley two years ago, Kim has quietly begun looking for new relationships -- online. "The Committee to Canonize Kim Rollins" has by now disappeared from the web, and loyal fans of the whimsical-yet-troubled online diarist find she's now vying with the less-auspicous ads placed by other local women. ("SWF seeks unemployed male crack head for long term relationship. Pluses include: previous jail time, married with kids, girlfriends, emotional baggage, smokers, alcoholics, sexually transmitted diseases, couch potatoes, republicans, pro-lifers, SUV drivers, cell phone users, poor spellers and bankruptcy filers.") Enigmatically, in the "favorite quote" section of her own ad, Rollins has included a definition of the phrase "ultra short-term nostalgia."

"Homesickness for the extremely recent past: 'God, things seemed so much better in the world last week.'."

After the turbulent break-up of their nine-year relationship, the former couple picked up the pieces of their lives, with Wil throwing a dinner party and Kim paying a visit to New York. Ms. Rollins even received a mention from online journalist Kymm. "She's so delicate and fine-boned and translucent-skinned and porcelain-like that you think she's a fairy princess, until she opens her mouth, that is." In a recent update to his own online journal, "Scab," Wil Shipley even posted his best wishes for the woman he'd once asked to marry him.

"She's living on her own now, and I'm proud of her."

But despite the wave of public scrutiny Kim faced in their relationship's aftermath, a new quote which turned up in her personal ad shows the internet personality still wishing for a spotlight. The word that Kim had chosen to define for her would-be suitors was "fame-induced apathy."

"The attitude that no activity is worth pursuing unless one can become famous pursuing it."

Until fame arrives, Rollins continues displaying her characteristic sense of humor. Later in the month, she changed the sardonic listing of her occupation -- from "cruise director" to "cat herder."

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