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Beer Riot Claims 54 Lives in Belarus
1999-06-03 17:51:48

What a Riot!
Nature is a lazy Mother.
-- Anonymous


How come when stuff like this happens in a place most people can't find on a map, we have to dig through the back pages of the paper to read about it? I realize location plays a large part in determining how stories get covered here in Amurrica, but can you believe this? FIFTY-FOUR people were killed in a BEER RIOT! If that sort of thing happened in Toledo, we'd be talking about it for years!

Anyway, seems there was a big storm at a beer festival in Belarus and everyone was drunk and tried to run inside to shelter. Reports say that most of the people injured or killed were drunk, including lots of teenagers aged 14-18; survivors and victims alike piled up in layers of more than 300 people on steps leading to an underground railway station. Many of the police officials that tried to stem the flow of rampaging drunks into the railway station were trampled and killed as well.

Unbelievable. And people still get all wound up about Altamont? Altamont was for PUSSIES.

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