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The WTO Protests are Decadent and Depraved
1999-12-01 01:49:34

What a Riot!
I get real mean when I'm sober.
-- P A U L


Is it just me, or is it that BOTH the WTO and the chunderheads protesting against the WTO in Seattle are starting to look equally repellent?

Sure, the World Trade Organization is big-time Evil With Capital Letters and is probably doing voodoo on trees and Ammurican jobs even as we speak, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and whatnot, but some of these protesters look like they would lose an argument with a ball-peen hammer or a variety of other simple household objects.

It's the "Fuck the issues, let's tear shit up" crowd out in force, and, as usual, they're being led by the usual suspects from the gleaming Baghdad by the Bay to the far south.

Like the damned witches, for instance. CNN reports "60 San Francisco-area witches" have made the trek to Seattle for the big marshmallow toast. "We are all connected to the earth and to each other, and we have a responsibility to have a healthy connection," said Marion Doub, one of the witches. She also said a bunch of other goopy, nonsensical Teshspew that isn't worth the effort to quote.

And like what seems to be about 90% of everybody else running amok in downtown Rain Central, she probably has absolutely no clue what she's doing there, except she'll get to chant and wave candles around. For others, the sheer joy of tossing a Molotov cocktail makes the occasion a festive one.

Three cheers for lockstep know-nothingism. Maybe the John Brown Anti-Clan League will show up and address the really important issues here.

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