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I hope some Arch-Angel Waitress in a tight fitting cocktail dress, with a small nose and really big tat tats, smacks you in the head for sucking down those LFPs and not tipping.
-- Johnnie Royale

Announcing the BRAND Spanking NEW PDJ Quote Daturbase Page

by JRoyale

2001-12-22 16:17:55

That's right folks, all of our collective witticisms are now available on one convenient page for your viewing pleasure.

No longer will you have to continually bounce from page to page vainly looking for unread quotes to satisfy your carnal literacy urges - and don't bother denying it, we got the logs. Now you can experience sensory overload while having a one quote orgasm after another.

There is also a new handy, dandy, super spiffy link to the quote page now on available the main page. Ironically located just below the Poonie Dog link and just above the IE Reactive Channel link in the lower left side.

Check it out.

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