Celebrity endorsement impersonated


Naked News-caster wears black
2001-09-11 17:51:26

We're Professionals, Dammit!
Mississippi should teach their high school kids not to get in cars piloted by huge, sweaty, satan-worshipping freaks on mescaline.
-- Ratsnatcher


The attack on the World Trade Center triggered shut-downs across the nation. Airports, stock exchanges -- and even broadcasts from the web site The Naked News.

Americans observed a variety of responses -- whether attending prayer vigils or worshipping at the church of televised news. But one bastion of alternative newscasting took a different tack.

"The civilized world was shocked today by the multiple acts of terrorism perpetrated on the United States," reported Naked News anchor Victoria Sinclair -- clad entirely in black.

In a special video announcement, Sinclair explained why the site's daily strip-tease newscast would not be presented. "We at The Naked News grieve over the loss of innocent lives and are all moved by the magnititude of the tragedy. So much so that we feel it appropriate to direct you to your televisions and radios in this time of crisis."

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