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China Humor -- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by El Destino

2001-04-15 13:22:46

China, spy plane, blah blah blah. Is there anywhere you can get a fresh perspective?

You can always read about the nuances of public U.S./China statements over the last thiry years -- but wouldn't you rather read a comic strip? The World of Lily Wong is drawn by an American artist (and U.C. Berkeley drop-out) who spent 12 years in Hong Kong. It's won Amnesty International awards, but it's also just a funny, personal, and opinionated look at some characters in Hong Kong. And with fewer of the obvious biases of U.S. newspaper political cartoonists.

I mean, it was a tense situation and everything, but some mainstream media outlets still showed a remarkable amount of insensitivity. Look at the skit by un-funny NPR mainstay, the Capitol Steps: a white guy in a black wig saying "Ching ching chong chong" while wearing thick glasses. Even when an Asian-American photo-journalist complained, the group offered her only a lame apology.

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