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-- rotten elf review

by Pao Tzu

2006-08-22 10:56:49

A review of and their new product, delicious library.

First of all, the name. Delicious-monster... this website gives me fantastic ideas about modern website naming. The formula to use for this is obvious. Simply take a popular website's name, combine it with another popular website's name, and slap .com on the end. Websites like this are sure to be an instant success. Think of,,,,, or I bet most of the people who stumble upon are trying to search for a job on but at the same time using If only I had thought of this first!

Functionally, the website offers a bunch of pictures of smackbooks and digital shelves, a link to Wil Shipley's blog, as well as a download link. I'm a nerd and I like keeping track of my stuff, so I had to give delicious library a try.

I quickly ran into the problem of what to actually scan with delicious library. Most of the books I own have their covers torn off. As if I am going to pay for a new book, psssh. My DVD movie collection is missing the barcodes... they are labeled with a felt-tip pen. To get the information I needed, I went to the video store from which I originally ripped my collection. Like magic, when I scanned the barcodes at the video store, detailed information about my DVDs populated my delicious library.

I just had to try the nifty drag titles to friends function, so I called up a friend to come over and borrow some movies. He didn't seem to want to borrow any of my scratched up DVD-Rs, but I assured him that it was important. I dragged all of the movies he "rented" from me onto to his icon and set the time that they were due, 3 days.

Automagically, delicious library reminded me when his videos were due! Excited, I called him up to get them back. No answer. I called again half an hour later. No answer. Later that night I broke into his apartment, took my movies back, and left him a bill totalling up his late charges. In the process, I also took some of his DVDs which I added to my delicious library.

I've never had so much fun with my macintosh. This was totally worth the $39.95 which is coincidentally the same price as a 100-pack of DVD-Rs. In my case, I would much rather feel like I own a video store/collection agency than do something ridiculous like lend DVDs in the form of backup copies. In summary, delicious library is absolutely thrilling, 5 stars. Thank you delicious-monster.

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