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Dick is Popping up Again
1999-11-14 18:39:08

Net Flotsam
Down with the Fucking Man, d00d.
-- Johnnie Royale


Sure, Dick is gone, but you can still kick him around.

It's a fact: No man since Hitler is more hated and despised. And as it's well known now, he felt exactly the same way about the public that foolishly put him into office. It's rumored that he attempted to have the original copy of the Constitution so he could use it as toilet paper.

If we had our way, his unholy corpse would be dug up, and mounted in a public urinal in Los Vegas, to be given the treatment it deserves. But unfortunately, we can't. So we'll just have to settle with whacking the shit out of him in spirit. And you can to.

The fine, god-fearing folks at superpants know the very depths of the evil that was Nixon, and have created the Wak-a-Nixon. Just like the favorite game found in family pizzerias all over the country, the object is to nail Nixon back into hell, where he belongs whenever he pops up. But look out, Jimmy Carter will occasionally make an appearance to clean up Nixon's damage.

So have some fun while you keep humanity safe.

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