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San Francisco to Honor President Bush

by Baron Earl

2008-04-08 23:30:31

Naming schools, public buildings, and city streets after politicians and presidents is a long and honored tradition in this country. With President Bush slated to leave office in just a few more months, residents of San Francisco are already gearing up with a ballot initiative to rename a public facility after our departing 43rd President. If the ballot measure passes, San Francisco's shit will be processed by the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

The Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is sponsoring a ballot initiative this November in San Francisco. It reads "Should the City and County of San Francisco rename the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility the George W. Bush Sewage Plant?"

If you're interested in lending a hand to support this historic ballot initiative, a Meet Up group has been formed to organize any and all volunteer efforts to move this initiative forward. The first meeting is Wednesday, April 9 @ 6:00 PM at Zeitgeist, 199 Valencia Street in San Francisco.

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