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Free Jim Goad... Maybe
1998-12-24 11:35:00

With respect to the no-dancing prohibitions, I strongly recommend that you see the documentary film "Footloose."
-- Mr. Bad


So, Jim Goad, editor of and primary writer for the zine Answer Me!, is in the slammer in Portland, OR. Some of you will probably say, "good riddance" - but the ugly twist is that Goad's writings are being used as evidence against him in an unrelated charge.

In other words, Jim Goad is being held in jail because of what he wrote, not because of what he did. Goad -- who has no criminal record -- has bail for a bogus assault charge set at $760K because his writings make him dangerous.

I think most of the writers for Pigdog Journal fear the idea of having their writing thrown up in their face in court - especially when the writings have nothing to do with the charge. You should, too. Unless the most sick and venal among us can spew their rancid bile on the printed page without fear of institutional retribution, none of us are safe.

So, check out this Jim Goad story, and try and find out a little more about it, eh?

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