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Drug Free since 1974? Yeah, Riiiiiiiiiight.
1999-11-14 18:43:09

The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk they're sober.
-- William Butler Yeats


George W Bush is nothing more than a privileged, coke hound from Texas. He oozes so much slime, that you would think you were in the presence of Cthulhu. Bush and his followers (all of them worshipers of Nyarlothep) thought they would be sneaky by buying up any and all possible anti-bush domain names (bushsux.com for example). But guess what? They overlooked the most important one

Learning a lesson from when the Scientologist bought up The Cult Awareness Network, GW thought he could squelch the opposition by purchasing up the rights to the name. But while the staff was busy doing a coke-fueled victory dance, they never noticed that they had missed the most important domain: Gwbush.com. Something that was noticed quickly and quietly by individuals who know that if Bush gets into the Oval Office, he'll be snorting a pile of coke bigger than the one Al Pachino had in Scarface, followed by a casual finger of "the button".

So they did the obvious: they bought up the domain, and created one of the fiercest accurate parodies on the web to date.

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