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Shitfire, This Site is Worth Checking Out!

by Mr. Bad

2001-01-02 16:11:31

PeaceFire is hip! Check them the fuck out! Elude the brain cops and expand your mind.

So, as a much-over-18-person who works at home and has a big fat personal DSL pipe to the Innurnet, I really rarely worry about Web censoring software. After all, why should I care? Doesn't affect me.

But I realize that there are tons and tons of people out there without a good connection to the Web they control. They depend on mucked up organizations like their companies or their local libraries to get data. And they're getting fuX0red by censorware!

Considering that the Federal Government has just mandated censorware for all public libraries and schools (!!!), it's really a little disturbing. Why the hell would you go look for stuff on the Internet if it was "good" stuff? Who wants that kind of info? What you need is info on BAD stuff -- bad politics, bad sex, bad drugs, bad ideas, bad explosives. That's what it's all about, baby! Not goody-good floral arrangement pages and Britney Spears fansites!

Anyhow, this site has lots of cool info on disabling buggered-up censoring programs. They even have a brilliant motto: "It's not a crime to be smarter than your parents." Hell, of COURSE it's not a crime -- it's practically a NECESSITY.

So go check out and get around some roadblocks on your path to Innurnet info freedom. Screw the mind cops!

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