Paranoid Talk Show Host Hides From Art Bell Fans In Montana Bunker
1999-06-17 04:13:32

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In the fine tradition of the Unibomber and the Montana Freemen, "reverse speech" expert and talk show host, David Oates, has retreated to a Montana compound in fear for his life.

Oates claims that as a result of his feud with Art Bell he has received hundreds of death threats and thousands of nasty emails from outraged Art Bell fans.

In the latest broadcast of his Reverse Speech radio show, on Saturday, June 12, Oates began by telling his audience that he is heavily armed, and has taken refuge with his two teenage daughters in western Montana, in the house of another controversial figure on the talk show circuit, Robert A. M. Stephens. Oates also said that he is defended by several "patriots," who are also armed to the teeth, and defending him despite the fact that he is Australian.

In a post on the same day of the broadcast on the Shadow Zone web bulletin board, Oates tried to defuse the masses of blood thirsty Bell fanatics by saying, "I never wanted to kill Art Bell. I never said I wanted to burn his trailer down. ....Every attempt I tried to make up with him, including emails and faxes and appeals through third parties was ignored and frequently responded to with even worse attacks and intimidations."

Pigdog covered Robert A. M. Stephens in several earlier articles. In the past he has darkly alluded to a pack of mysterious lawyers and private investigators representing the families of the Heaven's Gate mass suicide victims who want to sue Art Bell. Now Bell has launched a counter legal offensive, suing both Robert A. M. Stephens and David Oates for libel to the tune of $60 million.

Hey, at least Montana's cows aren't crazy.

Follow the link below to hear the RealAudio archive of the show in question.

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