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Paywall no more!
At Pigdog we post links to the best crap on the Internet, but sometimes the premium crap is behind a paywall, there to block you from reading the crap we link to until you fork over some moolah for a subscription to their crap site, just so you can read more crap! The good folks over at have a solution -- a cyberladder that will scale a paywall, letting you climb right over and read all of the crap you want, without forking over anything. -- Baron Earl


Ted Nelson's Junk Mail
Ted Nelson invented hypertext and spent years developing and promoting Xanadu, a "digital repository scheme for world-wide electronic publishing." Using modern web technology you can read his old junk mail. -- Baron Earl


Brian Cooley is an Idiot
The radio station Brian Cooley is on claims to be a news station. Brian Cooley's web page claims that he has a "long history of delivering engaging newscasts and absurd antics." So which is it? Is Brian supposed to be delivering entertainment or is he delivering news? Is anyone at CNET bright enough to know the difference? -- Baron Earl


Diary of a Spectator
We know now that in the early years of the twenty-first century this nation was being watched closely by groups more vicious than ours and yet as mortal as our own. Organizations vast, cool and unsympathetic, regarded this country with envious eyes and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. In the first year of the twenty-first century came the great disillusionment. -- Crackmonkey


Self-Indulgent Pukes
"The train tracks are less than a mile from my backdoor; and very late at night when everything's still, I can hear the train whistle. It sounds so mournful sometimes, like it's crying. Sometimes, though, it sounds like it's calling out to some distant beacon to say, `I'm coming. Wait for me.' I love listening to the train go by..." -- Baron Earl


Crazy KPFA Protest Pictures!
Back by popular demand -- coverage of the wild KPFA protests in downtown Berkeley, California. Check out the FANCY SIGNS! These people have the best protest signs EVER! Yes, Berkeley really knows how to have a protest with STYLE. -- El Snatcher & Ms. BunnyPenny


Art Bell Intimidates Montana Service Provider?
Earth Changes TV is accusing talk show host Art Bell of intimidating Montana service provider Big Sky Network Technologies ( into canceling the account of one of his most vocal critics. This has allegedly been going on during Art's sympathetic coverage of the protest of the management takeover of free speech radio station KPFA in Berkeley. Is Art a big hypocrite? -- El Snatcher


Pacifica Board Ousts KPFA Staff; Hammers Down on Protesters
In an update to our earlier piece detailing the savagery which has ensued since the Pacifica National Board has tried to force unwelcome and restrictive new management and policies on its San Francisco-area flagship station, KPFA, Pigdog has learned that KPFA's entire staff was ejected from the radio station's building tonight, and riot police were called in to forcibly disperse a crowd estimated at approximately 500 protestors gathered in support of the troubled franchise. -- Tjames Madison


Pacifica Radio and KPFA in BLOOD FEUD
This is COMPLETELY CRAZY, folks! Left-leaning Pacifica Radio and its flagship station KPFA have been having bad blood for the past few months -- but now it's gotten personal! -- Mr. Bad


Earth Changes TV (ECTV) Covers the Talk Show Wars
The "Earth Changes TV" web site, which bills itself as "the site for people who are interested in the unknown yet have an intuition that 'something big is about to happen'," has a new weblog-like page covering the Talk Show Wars! Yet ANOTHER good site tracking the conflict between Art Bell and his former guests, as well as the many other parties involved. -- El Snatcher


Art Bell Fires a Warning Shot Across the Pigdog Bow?
Yesterday, while checking the Pigdog Journal feedback system, I was surprised to see a letter from influential talk show host Art Bell, asking if we would mind giving him a phone call. He wanted to talk about our recent article, which is about his attempts to manage the information coming out about his feud with the former guests of his program, David John Oates and Robert A. M. Stephens. -- El Snatcher


Talk Show Wars Spin-Doctoring Backfires
Like an old-fashioned minister of information, Art Bell has tried to control the propaganda coming from his opponents, and failed. Apparently unaware of the famous aphorism that the Net routes around censorship, he has tried persuasion and cajoling to shut down opposing viewpoints on web sites and discussion forums. But it hasn't worked. -- El Snatcher


Talk Show Host Blames Downfall on Chatroom Vixens
A pornographic photo of wild Australian talk show host David Oates has been making the rounds of the web. It has become the centerpiece in a multimillion dollar law suit, and countersuit, between Art Bell and Oates. The issue at hand is, how did this nasty photo get on the web in the first place? -- El Snatcher


Radio Talk Show Host Hits Below the Belt
"Reverse Speech" huckster and talk show host David Oates' sputtering career has been utterly rewound by Art Bell. Oates swears in an affidavit -- part of an abortive attempt to get a restraining order against Art Bell -- that Art and his radio network, Jacor, used their combined muscle to intimidate Talk Radio Networks into firing him. He goes on to say that to top it all off, Art posted a link to a disgusting nude photo of Oates, which was placed on the Net by a former chatroom girlfriend. -- El Snatcher


Paranoid Talk Show Host Hides From Art Bell Fans In Montana Bunker
In the fine tradition of the Unibomber and the Montana Freemen, "reverse speech" expert and talk show host, David Oates, has retreated to a Montana compound in fear for his life. -- El Snatcher


Jerry Springer May Defect to England
Jerry Springer has been lying low since the latest episodes of his show were yanked from syndication by a nervous Studios USA. Now it looks like he may jump ship to British television, where they aren't afraid to handle risque topics, such as marrying your horse, and the whole bare-knuckle, down and dirty, gossip talk show format. -- El Snatcher


Pay No Attention to the Matt Behind the Curtain
Fresh from hooking an Internet audience of Art Bell fanatics with rotten bait on Thursday, America's favorite cub reporter, Matt Drudge, was hot on the trail of an even bigger trout: one that the Las Vegas Review-Journal netted well before Drudge, which still didn't stop him from claiming the prize fish as a "world exclusive" in Saturday's Drudge Report. -- Tjames Madison


Drudge to Art Bell Fans: Bait, Then Switch
The Internet made Matt Drudge into what he is today: a notorious and popular attack journalist with a following of thousands. After a series of bizarre events last night, though, a good portion of the Internet may want to break him. -- Tjames Madison


Art Bell Releases Vicious Attack Lawyer
Crazy! I don't know whether anyone has been reading our coverage of Art Bell's net war with Robert M. Stevens and David John Oates, the "Reverse Speech" guru, but it's fun to write about because it keeps getting crazier. Now the conflict has gone nuclear. Tonight on Coast to Coast, Art Bell announced that he has filed a 60 MILLION DOLLAR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER LAWSUIT against the two former guests. -- El Snatcher


Jerry Springer Sanitized!
There has always been a purity to the Jerry Springer show. Over the years, it has become nastier, and increasingly brutal, and it has come to represent the ultimate distillation of trash talk show television. A classic for all time! It was just too good to last. Now, the show has been castrated--right at the end of sweeps week... -- El Snatcher


Is Someone Trying to Silence Art Bell?
While you drive along in your hillbilly truck listening to the various radio talkshows, you probably are unaware that there is a fierce battle going on behind the scenes, and on the net. These nighttime talkshow hosts and their guests can be meaner and more ornery than pole cats! This is the latest... -- El Snatcher


Talk Show Wars
Art Bell has enemies who are very bad people, so you have to take any information coming from them with a grain of salt, but weird, bad craziness is afoot. Art Bell has been off the air for three weeks, and his lame stand-in, Hilly Rose, is boring everyone to tears. Now one of his former guests, Robert A.M. Stephens, is claiming that Art was actually suspended for making veiled threats against him during his final broadcast. Apparently, Art wore a pirate shirt that night and talked about slitting throats. -- El Snatcher


Crazy Art Bell Knockoffs
Wired may be right that Art Bell is "tired" (see this April's Wired magazine), but the suggested "wired" alternative, 21st Century radio, is way too lame. If you're sick of Art Bell, the real alternatives are the Jeff Rense show and the Laura Lee Show. -- El Snatcher


UK Takes Lead In Bestiality
The United States media is still controlled by puritanical censors who want to manipulate everything you hear and see! Once again, these bastards are putting a damper on our entertainment industry's creative edge! Other countries are zooming in to fill the niche, and this country is being left in the DUST. What we're talking about is network television's latest frontier: bestiality. And the British are now winning the race!! The United Kingdom's Channel 4 is gearing up to broadcast a huge bestiality special... -- El Snatcher


Skeptics Pelt Art Bell With Rocks and Garbage
Radio talk show host Art Bell has received the Skeptic's nastiest slight, the "Snuffed Candle" award. Bell, they say, has encouraged credulity, presented pseudo-science as genuine, and contributed to the public's lack of understanding of the methods of scientific inquiry. Twisting the knife, they go on to insinuate that he may be partially responsible for the Heaven's Gate suicides last year. But are the Skeptics really being fair? -- El Snatcher


Erich Von Daniken On Art Bell!
Eric Von Daniken, discredited author of the famous book, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? will be interviewed on the Art Bell's Coast To Coast program, this Friday (11/06/98). This guy doesn't make it out of the woodwork very often, so this a rare interview! Von Daniken is the inventor of the "ancient astronauts" theory. Don't miss this one!!! -- El Snatcher

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Bushism -- Eugene Leitl



ABC Cans Drudge
ABC Cans Annoying Internet Muckracker Drudge's Radio Show. -- JRoyale



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