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Wayne County GOP canvasser William Hartmann dies from COVID-19

by Baron Earl

2021-12-06 16:56:34

William Hartmann, one of the two Republican election officials from Michigan who initially refused to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election in Wayne County, outspoken anti-vaxxer and prominent knowledge-denier, is dead from COVID-19. Twitter was quick to respond with heartfelt messages of condolence.

Congrats to him and his family. -- @Wagthedoge

If only there'd be some way to avoid this. -- @AndyKingSoCal

A man who refused to accept the truth about a democratic election dies from refusing to accept the truth about a virus. -- @IdoAmir

Sometimes the Like button is more of a "what the hell did you think was going to happen" button. -- @stansburyj

How many members of the @GOP leadership are they willing to lose before they condemn the anti-vax stance of their colleagues? -- @Ray_F_Hayes_Jr

All… please all -- @theUSideal

His sister wrote- “My brother is a kind, giving, honest, outstanding man.” Wonder how many others he gave covid to on his way out? -- @KateSmithAZ

Good. I'm not even going to pretend I think otherwise. No thoughts, no prayers, no fucks to give. -- @Jerrysgone1

It's really hard to drum up any sympathy for someone who stood on the tracks and thought the train that was coming couldn't hurt him, even though experts told him otherwise. -- @Ddaj13

Blessings upon the right and righteous ghost of Darwin for cleaning up our collective gene pool. -- @RLAdlof

It’s almost as if COVID is a deadly virus or something. -- @piedpenguin

The more anti-vaxxers there are, the less anti-vaxxers there’ll be. -- @merVoteBlue

Moral: sometimes bad things happen to bad people. -- @najdorfc5

Oh well .At least he died doing what he enjoyed most, denying reality. -- @dluxmaroon

Civilization advances one funeral at a time. -- @chris9059

Thank you God Almighty for taking the garbage out. -- @enpief

I’m fine with that. -- @DebbieLew60

I'm thinking of having some ice cream. -- @lbst201

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