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Linux + Esperanto = A Winning Combination!
2000-01-28 13:30:22

Eat the Interlingvo
Rule 1: The world is not fair.
Rule 2: The world does not care.

-- Negative Nancy


It's the latest thing! Kerjillions of madmen and freaks are combining the universal interlanguage ESPERANTO with the universal operating system LINUX! Insanity, by definition, must ensue!

Everybody knows that Esperanto is the official language of Bad People of the Future. And, of course, that Linux is the official operating system of Bad People of the Future! Putting them together is an EXPLOSIVE combination. Who knows what will happen?!

This Esperanto HOWTO (KIELFARI might be a better term) goes over all the steps you need to take to make your work-a-day Linux workstation into a POWERFUL BEACON of INTERLANGUAGE rays onto the global Worldwide Internet!

Wanna blow humongous clouds of Esperantism into the infosphere using the Web? This HOWTO will show you the way! Wanna send crazed Esperanto mail to thousands of loyal fans? It's in here! Wanna FURTHER confuse your .emacs-riddled brain with baffling Esperanto-ish MULE? Look no further. Wanna use Linux and Esperanto to command a race of blood-thirsty razor-bots and take over Planet Zarkon? Well, it's not in here yet, but this HOWTO would be where to find the answers. Once somebody figures them out.

I couldn't decide whether to classify this one under "Weird Linux" or under "Eat the Interlingvo." Using Linux for Esperanto is just WRONG, and speaking Esperanto to your Linux box is WRONG, too. There are some things humanity was not meant to know -- which is why this HOWTO is so fun. Beaujolais!

Over.  End of Story.  Go home now.

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