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2000-01-24 12:22:59

Quantum Deepfried Electro-Diddle
The ultimate sin of any performer is contempt for the audience.
-- Lester Bangs


Speaking of JAVUR, how bout that there JAZILLA? It's a Mozilla browser, written in JAVUR. Talk about your SHITHOUSE CRAZY SCHEMES.

Yet another spin-off of the lethargic and unfathomable Mozilla project is the fabuloso JAZILLA. It's a browser written entirely in Javur, which if you are like me you will think it's totally bizarre and insane. Which it is! And beaujolais to that!

One of the coolio things about Open Source software is how people get wiggity-wick-wick-WACK ideas like writing a browser in Javur, and then they just DO it. And then other people help! Like, how's that for NUTSO. And then they take some existing Open Source project, and fiddle with it, and badda-bing-badda-boom they've got an actual piece of software.

Jazilla is just like that. Apparently it's spun out of Mozilla, but it's based on some code done at Netscape in, like, 1983 or something, to do an all-Javur browser. Considering that the only all-Javur browser in the world today is the execrable and EGREGIOUS Hot Javur, well, it seems like an OK thing to do. Well, all right, technically, there's also things like this here ICE Browser, which actually kick major ass, but let's ignore that point for now.

I was quite impressed with Jazilla, actually. It's a peppy little piece of Swing code. It loaded fast and rendered pages in a "reasonable" (compared to other browsers) amount of time. It actually seems to be able to render complex Web pages, such as the vicious table-laden CSS monstrosity called the Pigdog Journal main page. Sure, it failed to load most other pages (including the Jazilla home page itself), but what do you expect.

Jazilla doesn't have nearly the stability of Mozilla, which in turn doesn't have the stability of, say, useable software, but STILL, it's a cool idea. It's also a great place for Javur programmers to do some Open Source and look like big shots. Do you realize what Open Source does for your resume? Do you?! It's fantastical! So go check out Jazilla! Now!

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