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Be Ye Carefule Among The English Links, Jebadiah.
2000-04-27 20:28:13

Crazy But True
I really hate having to explain my jokes.
-- Johnnie Royale


We've all seen the joke Amish web sites around on the web. But get this, there's a now a real Amish site just a URL away.

When this site was brought to my attention, I though "yeah, right. Another joke site." Like the very tired "Amish porn site that loses its humor after the first viewing. But no, this one is legitimate. In an effort to sell their goods to consumers online, as well as promote understanding of their ways, several Amish communities have asked their friends to put up a web site on their behalf.

I look at it this way- If a handful of Amish can get busted with enough Bolivian Marching Powder to keep the Indy 500 drivers going for three straight days, why not a web site?

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