Give Them The (rotting) Finger!
2000-03-08 13:52:42

Crazy But True
I no longer have a soul, having bartered it long ago for dashing good looks and a handful of super-powers.
-- Lenny Tuberose


As April Fools day approaches, many people will be wondering what kind of original and outrageous prank they can pull that will push the envelope so far, no one will be able to top it for years. Take our advice, nothing beats a prank that involves a decomposing human corpse

We know what you're thinking. You want to know if we are encouraging you to waltz over to your local cemetery to dig up a cadaver for the sole sake of getting a few sick laughs. Normally, we would. But in this case, no. Instead point your browsers to The Di Stefano Productions web site. This company of brilliant artists will be happy to sell you an extremely realistic reproduction made to your specification (sans the pungent smell or slime). If you don't need an entire body, and can work with a head, hand or even a finger, they can do that as well!

So this April Fools day, give your associates a prank they will not soon forget about in this life or the next.

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