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Newsflash! The Earth Revolves!
1999-12-10 12:08:50

Crazy But True
THIS seems nuts to me.
-- rotten elf


May years ago, you were assured that when you read a copy of The Washington Post, you could expect some of the finest reporting in the world. Unfortunately, the paper fucked with Dick Nixon. Nixon, after being squashed like a bug, used his last remaining trump card, and ordered that the fumes for a nearby petrochemical plant be pumped directly into the vent system of the Post, rendering all staff and reporters highly brain damaged. So you have to cut them a little slack when they report what they think is groundbreaking, but the rest of us have known for decades.

The latest example of this is found in the December 8th edition, in which the post reports that researchers have made the discovery that drinking teens are likelier to try sex. Thank you Washington Post. If it weren't for you, I never would have understood why the local high school football teams in Missoula were always trying to get the cheerleaders to do beer bongs.

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