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Don't Think TOO Different, Now
2001-06-19 01:47:03

Consumers in Action
Oh man, I think I drank some of that with Dr. Biggles many, many years ago when he had more internal organs.
-- Ratsnatcher


Apple's deep dark secret: was made with a Macintosh! My goodness, can you really build Web sites with a Mac?

Apple Computer, Inc. claims that's use of a "Made with Macintosh" logo on the site constitutes dilution of trademark. To protect themselves, they have brought legal pressure to bear to get the Church of Satan to remove any Apple references from their site.

What's next? Will Apple's rabid attack lawyers demand that the Book of Genesis be rewritten to disassociate the serpent/Satan with the apple from the Tree of Knowledge? I guess I shouldn't give them any ideas.

The interesting question is: what sounds more like Satan? Would it be a bunch of neo-Nietzcheists who like to dress up in black and have cool parties, or would it be an inhuman corporation at work in the world without fear of repercussion from human law, manipulating that law to force others into constant submission and inspiring cult-like loyalty with cunning and devious lies and shady promises about the effects of the enslavement to their products. Hmmm? No offense to the Satanists, but Apple's got the schtick down cold.


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